Where to Stay In Cappadocia, Best Cave Hotels and Areas

Based on our experience, we made this article with recommendations where to stay in Cappadocia with the best hotels and villages to sleep.

If you are going to travel to Turkey you have to visit Cappadocia, with a landscape that looks more like the moon than our planet. This place has its origin in the continuous erosion of rock formations caused by wind and rain.

Its main beauty lies in the pinkish, yellowish and brownish colors of the formations, the depressions and valleys and the pointed peaks of ancient mountains, which give the area a colorful and irregular surface.

It should be clarified that Cappadocia is not a city itself, but a whole area where this landscape is located. This area has many villages to make base and tour the place.

For this reason, we suggest you the ideal towns to sleep in Cappadocia and the hotels we recommend in each place. Let’s get to it!

Göreme, best hotels in Cappadocia

The location of Göreme within Cappadocia is ideal, especially for walking, since from here you can make the main trekking to the valleys and is very close to the Open Air Museum.

It is also the place where the largest number of restaurants, travel agencies to book tours and accommodation in the famous cave hotels, which take advantage of the rock formations of the place to build the rooms over the caves left by the irregular surface.

Our recommendations for sleeping in Göreme are as follows:

  • Terra Cave Hotel: it’s a cave hotel located in a 19th century stone house, decorated inside with materials from the region. Excellent buffet breakfast and a huge terrace to watch the sunset and have a drink.
  • Arif Cave Hotel: also in the format of a cave hotel, its rooms are very spacious, and the comfort is extraordinary. This accommodation in Cappadocia has a restaurant and terrace with the best views of the valley at sunset and sunrise.
  • Guzide Cave Hotel: Murat is the owner of the place, who takes care of all the guests wonderfully. The hotel is a design hotel with a terrace with comfortable armchairs to watch the balloon flights at sunrise.
  • Sultan Cave Suites: Take the best photos for your Instagram thanks to this hotel’s solarium with panoramic views of Göreme. Located at the top of Aydinli Hill, it offers quiet cave rooms decorated with antiques from all over Turkey and many of them have a private terrace or balcony.
  • Terra Vista Hostel: ideal for young people or backpackers, it has double, family or shared rooms at low prices. Good atmosphere, excellent cleanliness and a spectacular treatment that makes this an excellent place to sleep in Cappadocia.
Göreme, the best hotels in Cappadocia

Uchisar, find your accommodation in Cappadocia

Uchisar is the other ideal village to sleep in Cappadocia. Its location on top of a hill, makes it have incredible views of the valley, being able to enjoy them at sunrise with hot air balloons or at sunset, watching how the valley acquires pastel shades.

In addition, the village of Uchisar has its castle built on a cliff, a great vantage point to see Cappadocia from above.

Our recommendations for where to stay in Uchisar are as follows:

  • Uchisar Kaya Otel: a real luxury with a romantic air, ideal for couples. Magnificent views of the valley from the terrace, exquisite decoration, varied and abundant breakfast. It also has an outdoor swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath.
  • Taskonaklar: one of the hotels in Cappadocia with the best views (well-known for the Instragram photos taken by guests from the terrace). Elegant and with excellent breakfast.
  • Hermes Cave Hotel: terrace with carpet and restaurant overlooking the valley, cave rooms, swimming pool and exquisite service are the main virtues of the place.
  • Kistar Cave Hotel: very good breakfast, balcony with views in the room and privileged location in the village of Uchisar. Great value for money.
  • Capiedra Hotel: further away from the center of Uchisar, in a quiet residential area, it is a traditional hotel located on a three-story mansion. Ideal for those looking for disconnection.
Uchisar Castle in Cappadocia

Other places where to stay in Cappadocia

While Göreme and Uchisar are the best places to stay in Cappadocia, there are other nearby towns where you can also base yourself to explore the valleys or take in the views.

Other accommodations that we recommend outside Göreme and Uchisar are the following:

  • Yunak Evleri Cappadocia: in Ürgup, it is a simply extraordinary hotel. Located on a cliff, it still maintains the atmosphere of an old mansion inside. It has a swimming pool. If you can afford it, you will not regret it.
  • Azure Cave Suites: in Cavusin, a small village near Goreme. This accommodation in Cappadocia has all the comforts, which allows you to appreciate the flight of the balloons from very close.
  • Jacob’s Cave Suites: also in Cavusin. Being almost not surrounded by other buildings, the views over the rock formations of Cappadocia are spectacular. Inside it is very nice.
  • Elika Cave Suites: in the village of Ortahisar. Nice architectural details on the outside and exquisite decoration in the rooms. Terrace with views. Ideal for couples, as some rooms have private Jacuzzi.
Pink Valley Cappadocia

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