Each route is a blank sheet of paper,

you decide which trip to write on it.

We are passionate about routes and roads

And we want to help you discover the World on your own

Travellers by nature, we have explored routes by hitchhiking, public transport, car and (now) motorhome. Here you’ll find meticulously prepared itineraries from the regions we know best. From the roads of Argentina and Spain to journeys through Europe and Asia, we invite you to discover the world through our unique experiences.

The best stories are made on the road

Travel guides designed with love and first-hand experiences

From travellers to travellers, our guides are the map to your next adventure. Explore, live, and make every destination an unforgettable story.

Don’t follow the path, make your own route.

Unusual destinations

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary. We invite you to leave the conventional and embark on the unusual. Discover destinations that defy the ordinary and redefine your idea of travel. Ready for the unexpected?

Be master of your destiny

Travel at your own pace

Top tips for planning your trip around the world.

Travel without overspending

These are the companies we recommend when travelling because we use them in one way or another.

Who we are

We are an Argentine-Spanish-Italian family that, since May 2023, is fulfilling a dream: to make travelling a way of life.

We embark on the adventure of touring Spain and Europe indefinitely in our motorhome La Matera, seeking to explore rural villages, historical sites and natural landscapes, travelling at a leisurely pace and learning from the unique experiences each place has to offer.

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