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We are Juan, Flor, Benja and Feli, an Argentinian-Spanish family who, since May 2023, are fulfilling a dream: making travel our lifestyle.

We are embarking on the adventure of touring Spain and Europe indefinitely in our motorhome La Matera, seeking to explore rural villages, historical sites and natural landscapes, travelling at a leisurely pace and learning from the unique experiences that each place has to offer.


More than 60 countries visited and a 14-month journey as a couple


Travelling in our motorhome La Matera in Spain and Europe


Discovering the world as a family and learning together


We work as travel writers on our blog and other online projects

Ruta del Mate

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That’s why the name of our blog is “Ruta del Mate”😉

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Ruta del Mate

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Ruta del Mate

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