The Best Things to Do in Tandil in 3 Days

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Surrounded by mountains, with lots of squares and many outdoor places to hang out, we tell you things to do in Tandil in 3 days. I must admit that it is a city that captivated me since my first visit, when I lived in Mar del Plata. We had already visited Sierra de los Padres, … Read more

Things to Do in Sierra de Los Padres, a Getaway From Mar Del Plata

Things to do in Sierra de los Padres

Mar del Plata has sea, forest and mountains, we were told. And lagoon too, we add. Sierra de los Padres is an ideal place to spend the day, have lunch, go for a walk, go shopping and be outdoors with family and friends. Want to know things to do in Sierra de los Padres? We tell you about it here.

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