7 best Things to Do in la Cumbrecita argentina

Those who know it agree that it is one of the most beautiful towns in the country. So pay attention to everything there is things to do in La Cumbrecita to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Unlike Villa General Belgrano, La Cumbrecita has a marked Swiss alpine style, especially thanks to the beautiful environment that surrounds it, full of gentle hills and abundant vegetation. In addition, as it is a nature reserve, its inhabitants take great care of it.

As soon as you arrive, it is advisable to go to the tourist office to look for a map and get a recommendation of the different trails available in La Cumbrecita. We didn’t want to do long or complicated treks, so we were shown the typical circuit around the village. The only “detour” we made was to visit La Olla.

The town is pedestrianized, at least for those who visit La Cumbrecita for the day and not for those who live there or have hotel or cabin reservations. The roads are dirt and uneven, although the walk is not very difficult.

La Cumbrecita, a pedestrian village

If you are travel with children to La Cumbrecita and you are taking a baby stroller, it may not be very comfortable in some sections since the road is not paved. But the street that is closer to the entrance is more comfortable and can be visited perfectly. Benji did most of the ride in his patapata.

Now, let’s take a look at everything there is to do in La Cumbrecita.

Things to do in La Cumbrecita

La Cumbrecita is located 118 km from Córdoba and is the perfect getaway from the provincial capital. The ideal is to dedicate a day to it, although if you want a little more tranquility, staying overnight there or in the area is the best option.

1) The best viewpoints

In the town there are at least 3 viewpoints, known as Cristo Chico, Bosquecito Bajo and Cerro Cumbrecita. There are more in the surrounding area and at the entrance to the city is the de los Cerros viewpoint.

To go to all of them you have to turn off the path that goes along the main street and climb a few steps, but it is undoubtedly one of the things to see in La Cumbrecita.

Streets of La Cumbrecita

2) La Olla, one of the most beautiful places to see in La Cumbrecita.

The Almbach stream flows down the mountain until it reaches some rocks through which it forms a small waterfall that falls into a green and transparent lagoon. Then the stream continues its way until it flows into the del Medio river a few kilometers from there.

To access there is a slope and care must be taken when descending to avoid tripping or slipping. There, the rocks are wet, so precautions must also be taken whether you are going to sit or walk on them. Afterwards, the only thing left to do is to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

La Olla
La Olla

3) Squares

There are some squares to see in La Cumbrecita, some are small and atypical, such as the Plaza de Ajedrez, and others are larger, such as the Plaza de los Pioneros, which even has playgrounds for children.

We love to take Benji to the square for a little fun, but this time we didn’t have the weather in our favor and had to walk on by. A pity because it was beautiful with the sculptures of the pioneers welcoming the visitors and the chapel in the background.

Los Pioneros square

4) Wooden sculptures

A nice activity if you are travel with children to La Cumbrecita is to find the various sculptures in the village, such as the Fisherman, the Pioneers (see the photo of the square), the Elf and the Mushroom, or the Fairy, among others.

The sculptures were made by Luis Carlos Perez in wood from trees that fell in a big storm at the end of 2012. These represent the identity and strength of the inhabitants and, incidentally, do not clash with the beautiful landscape.

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5) Cura Brochero Catholic Chapel, one of the most beautiful things to do in La Cumbrecita.

El Cura Brochero was a very beloved character in the whole area, who has his wooden chapel outside the pedestrian area in the highest part of La Cumbrecita. It is surrounded by forest which gives it a special charm.

6) Various trails to be done with a guide

If you have a nice day and you feel like walking, do not hesitate to do one of the many trails available in La Cumbrecita. The Tourist Office recommends to do it with a guide.

Some of them are: Río Subterráneo (one of the classics), Vallecito del Abedul and Cascada Escondida, Cascada del Chorrillo and Quebrada del Yatán.

La Cumbrecita Civic Center

7) Peñón del Águila Recreational Park

This is a place to bring out the adventurous spirit in all of us. We didn’t go this time because we were with Benji (2 and a half years old), but if you are interested in having some fun, especially if you are travel to La Cumbrecita with older children, you can see the article I wrote for Skyscanner.

Streets of La Cumbrecita

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Practical information for travel to La Cumbrecita

Where to stay in La Cumbrecita

On this family trip, we stayed in a cabin in Villa Ciudad Parque, right next to Los Reartes. It is a very beautiful and wild place, surrounded by mountains and a lot of nature.

Where to stay in La Cumbrecita
Lodging in La Cumbrecita

If you want to stay in La Cumbrecita, rather than in another town in the area, here are two recommendations with good value for money:

  • Aires Serranos: adults only, with outdoor pool, garden and terrace and rooms with views.
  • Solares Cumbrecita: excellent location, abundant breakfast and solarium with swimming pool. Complex with a central-European style architectural design.

🏨 Do you want to look for other options? Find here the best hotels in La Cumbrecita.

How to get to La Cumbrecita

Arriving by car to La Cumbrecita: you can get there from Los Reartes or Villa General Belgrano, or directly from Provincial route 5. The road is paved until almost there and then it is paved for only a couple of blocks.

Arriving by bus: it is possible only from Villa General Belgrano with the company Pájaro Blanco.

By excursion: if you want to let yourself go and have someone explain everything there is to see in La Cumbrecita, don’t hesitate to ask about the tours available. We recommend two that are made from Cordoba city:

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