best Things to Do in Villa General Belgrano argentina

In this article we will explore the things to do in Villa General Belgrano and some of the surrounding towns, one of the most beautiful areas in the center of the country.

Villa General Belgrano, and the rest of the cities we will talk about, is located in the Calamuchita Valley, less than 100 km from Córdoba Capital. The area was inhabited for many centuries by the Comechingones (as the Hênîa and Kâmîare ethnic groups that inhabited the province are known). After the arrival of the Spaniards, the Jesuits lived in the valley as small Creole farming families.

It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that new inhabitants from other countries arrived and changed the whole physiognomy of the place. German immigrants in their great majority, accompanied by some Swiss, Italian and Austrian families, are the “culprits” of finding in this area many signs of the Alpine or Bavarian region.

The influence is noticeable in the architecture, the gastronomy, the large amount of craft beer produced and in the famous Oktoberfest celebration.

Map of places to visit in Villa General Belgrano and surrounding area

Let’s talk about what there is to do in Villa General Belgrano and surroundings. We will focus on the following cities:

  • Villa General Belgrano
  • La Cumbrecita
  • Santa Rosa Calamuchita
  • Los Reartes
  • Embalse
  • Dique los Molinos

In this article we will talk about things to do in Villa General Belgrano and things to do in La Cumbrecita, although we will mention the other places because we have been there too.

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Locate in Villa General Belgrano

As mentioned before, Villa General Belgrano is a city with a strong German influence, more specifically from the Bavarian area.

It is an easy city to get around not only because it is a small city, but also because almost all of its life takes place along San Martín Avenue and the three access avenues from Provincial Route 5 that goes to Córdoba Capital:

  • Las Magnolias Avenue, further north,
  • Ojo de Agua to the center, where the Arch of access to the city is located,
  • Champaquí Avenue to the south, which is the closest to the Bosque de los Pioneros, where today the Oktoberfest is held.

From the north, San Martin Avenue is also offered as an entrance to the city if one travels from La Cumbrecita or Los Reartes.

Villa General Belgrano

Things to do in Villa General Belgrano

a) San Martin Avenue

It is a must to walk from one end of San Martín Avenue to the other, or at least from José Hernández Square to the bridge that crosses El Sauce Stream. Here you will find a lot of German architecture, stores, restaurants and craft beer bars, as well as souvenir stores to buy the most beautiful souvenirs.

San Martin Avenue

b) José Hernández Square

In this square, in other years, was where the Oktoberfest was held until they decided to take it out of the center of the city and move it a little further away. In this way, the square retains its charm all year round and nothing is ruined during the week of the Fiesta. It features arches that welcome visitors to the city, a statue of a brewer and a giant beer barrel.

Villa General Belgrano Square

c) Jardar Park

Also in this amusement park located in front of the main square of Villa General Belgrano is where the Oktoberfest was celebrated in the past. On one of its sides is the Municipality of the Villa.

There are now simple games for all ages, ideal for those traveling with children to Villa General Belgrano.

Jardar Park

d) Villa General Belgrano Tourist Office

This typically German-style building is where you can ask for brochures, maps and information on everything there is to see in the Calamuchita Valley.

On the outside of the building stands the Clock Tower which can be visited by paying about $ 150 (half a dollar / euro) and observe the views of the city and the surrounding hills.

Things to do in Villa General Belgrano

e) Historical Museum and Cultural Center

The Historical Museum and Cultural Center is located just around the corner from the Tourist Office where you can learn about the history of the city through documents, photos and artifacts.

f) Cerro de la Virgen

On the opposite side of the road from the southernmost entrance to the city, Champaquí Avenue, is the trail that ascends to Cerro de la Virgen.

This is not an easy trail, it is a bit steep and it takes about 45 min/1 hour to ascend the 240 m. From the top you have views of the valley. You can continue walking a little further until you reach Pico Alemán.

g) Paseo de los Arroyos

At first glance it does not seem so because they are not seen by the large grove that surrounds them, but there are 3 streams that cross the city: El Sauce, La Toma and Los Molles.

This walk begins at the intersection of Las Magnolias and San Martin Avenues at the La Toma stream, passes through the confluence of the latter with El Sauce and ends almost at the intersection of San Martin and Champaquí Avenues, where the Municipal Swimming Pool is located.

g) Public squares

And noblesse oblige to mention the ideal public squares if you are traveling with children. We were told about two at the Tourist Office, one on Champaquí Avenue and another one behind the bus station in Villa General Belgrano, called Enrique Dick. Because of the proximity to where we were, we went to the latter.

This plaza is gigantic and many of the games are made of wood. And they even had a couple of zip lines which Juan jumped off (Benji didn’t dare… and I didn’t). Great fun!


📷 Check here the excursion to Villa General Belgrano and La Cumbrecita that can be done from Córdoba Capital. Includes: hotel pick-up, transfers and guide.

Go to the Oktoberfest of Villa General Belgrano

The Oktoberfest is the National Beer Festival, the largest in Argentina. No wonder, since Villa General Belgrano is the largest German colony in our country.

The festival is held in the first week of October of each year, usually concluding around October 12, which is when in Argentina is the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity (formerly Día de la Raza), which is a holiday. Therefore, the second weekend is the one with the most people going to the Oktoberfest.

Beer Fan: I should mention that I am quite the beer fan and have gone 5 years in a row to this party, since I started working in 2002 until 2006, the year before I went to live in Spain. Once there, the goal remained the same and I went another 7 consecutive years to the Oktoberfest in Munich (2007 to 2013, then we went on a long trip, I got pregnant, Benji was born, etc). Will I be back? Of course.

Compared to the years in which I have gone to the Oktoberfest, the modus operandi has changed a bit because the party is held in the Pioneer Forest and there is even a Rock Festival.

Since the Oktoberfest is held in an enclosed area, although always outdoors, an entrance fee is charged to access the Oktoberfest.

📌 Closer to the date, check the prices for the current year, because it will surely increase. See VGB’s official website.

The city is also full of people in the craft breweries and in the streets you can see from parades of local families to groups representing the collectivities from different parts of the world.

Oktoberfest in Villa General Belgrano
Oktoberfest in Villa General Belgrano

Other festivals to see and experience in Villa General Belgrano

In addition to the Oktoberfest that takes place in October, the village has managed to have different festivals throughout the year:

  • The Sommerfest: a small beer festival.
  • Viennese Dough Festival: during Easter Week
  • Alpine Chocolate Festival: during the July winter vacations
  • Beer Festival: in October
  • Corderofest: in November
  • Christmas Holidays: in December
Festivals to see in Villa General Belgrano

Things to do in the surroundings of Villa General Belgrano

a) La Cumbrecita

A charming alpine-style village founded by a Swiss family. The village is pedestrianized and you can walk around enjoying the forest and the gentle hills that surround it. There are trails to do with greater difficulty and other easier trails through the city.

🔝 Check out the article about things to do in La Cumbrecita.

b) Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

It is the most populated city in the Valley and yet has no more than 15,000 inhabitants. The Santa Rosa River crosses it almost from north to south dividing it in two and this is, after all, one of its main attractions.

Visitors (and those who live there as well) come to its natural beaches to refresh themselves, to drink mates under the shade of the trees and even to have a barbecue in the barbecue grills. The bridges are not to be missed either, each one has a story to tell. Among the best known or most sought after are the Pendant and the Iron one.

And just as the Cerro de la Virgen is in front of Villa General Belgrano, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita has its Cerro Vía Crucis to climb and enjoy the views.

c) Los Reartes y Villa Ciudad Parque

A bit like Santa Rosa Calamuchita, these two municipalities are located one on each side of the Reartes River and are purely touristy, full of cabins and apartments for friends and families, suppliers and small supermarkets, few restaurants and, above all, the spas along the river to refresh yourself.

We stayed very close to this stream during our last trip to Córdoba, you can see the details of the accommodation below.

Los Reartes

d) Embalse

It is home to the largest lake in the province of Cordoba and is used for many activities, which is why it has been given the name of the Capital of Nautical Sports. On our trip we stopped at the height of the Fitz Simon Hydroelectric to take some pictures climbing to a viewpoint of little difficulty.


e) Los Molinos Dam

This reservoir is located on the way to Córdoba if you come from Villa General Belgrano and in Los Molinos lake you can practice water sports and pejerrey fishing. Nearby towns to make a base and visit this dam are Potrero de Garay and Villa Ciudad de América, among others.

Los Molinos Lake

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Practical information for travel to Villa General Belgrano

Where to stay in Villa general Belgrano

If you want to stay in Villa General Belgrano, two options with good value for money are:

  • BlackStone Apart: excellent aparts for families, very good location, attention and outdoor and indoor swimming pool.
  • Bad-wiessee Apart Hotel: offers rooms and apartments. It has a spa and swimming pool.

🏨 Do you want to look for other options? Find here the best hotels in Villa General Belgrano.

How to get to Villa General Belgrano

If you want to fly by plane to get there faster, the best thing to do is to look for cheap flights to Córdoba Capital and from there travel either by bus or rental car to Villa General Belgrano.

✈️ Search here for cheap flights to Cordoba, Argentina.

Provincial Route 5 is the main road that passes through the city and throughout the Calamuchita Valley. To travel from Cordoba, Buenos Aires or any other point in the country, it is the best option. Some of the companies that pass through there are: Sierras de Calamuchita, Buses Lep or Pájaro Blanco.

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Things to do in Villa General Belgrano and surroundings

No doubt there is a lot things to do in Villa General Belgrano and surroundings, do you have any additional questions or suggestions? Comment!

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