Where to Stay in Villa la Angostura, the Best Options

Lakefront hotels, cabins, hostels and many recommendations to find where to stay in Villa La Angostura.

Surrounded by a dreamlike landscape, on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi and among high mountains, Villa La Angostura is one of the most beautiful cities in Patagonia Argentina.

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There are many activities to do in the surroundings and in the middle of nature. One is the circuit of the route of the 7 lakes, which goes from Villa la Angostura to the city of San Martin de los Andes, bordering crystal clear lakes and mountains in the background.

You can also go on excursions such as visiting the Arrayanes forest, sailing on the Nahuel Huapi lake or going up to the Mount Bayo skiing in winter or contemplate the views in summer.

If you plan to visit the small town, we leave you recommendations where to stay in Villa la Angostura, from charming cabins to hostels.

Where to stay in Villa La Angostura, cheap accommodation

Although it is not a city with cheap prices for lodging in relation to other destinations in the country, there is a wide range of accommodations, which allows you to find good prices.

If you want to take care of your pocket, here are our recommendations for cheap accommodation in Villa La Angostura, with an excellent quality-price ratio:

  • Hosteria ACA al Sur: on the main avenue and a few meters from the shops and chocolate shops, it is ideal if you are traveling with your family. Warm rooms, very good service and excellent breakfast.
  • Alma Andina Hosteria: only 300 meters from the main avenue, it is an inn with modern facilities surrounded by nature. The rooms are spacious and the warmth of the staff stands out.
  • Bella Angostura: farther away from downtown and close to Bahía Manzano, these are very well equipped apartments surrounded by a beautiful garden. It highlights the tranquility of the place and the comfort of the units.

Hostel in Villa La Angostura

If you are backpacking, traveling alone or you like a young atmosphere, then these recommendations of hostels in Villa la Angostura are ideal for you:

  • Like at Home Like at Home: Lili and Orlando are the hosts of this hostel located close to downtown, and they leave their souls to serve their guests. If you don’t want to overspend, this is an excellent option with double rooms with shared bathroom and surrounded by a garden.
  • La Angostura Hostel: simple, clean, with shared rooms, ideal for backpackers and young people. It has a shared kitchen, a nice living room and garden.
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Lakefront hotels in Villa la Angostura

For those traveling with family or for a romantic getaway as a couple, this selection of hotels in Villa la Angostura in front of the lake, will make your rest pleasant with the views from the room or common areas.

  • El Faro Boutique Hotel: located two kilometers from downtown, all of its facilities overlook the lake. It has a spa and outdoor swimming pool during the summer season. Ideal for couples.
  • Friends of the Forest: about Puerto Manzano, it is an inn with the classic Patagonian wood and stone construction, surrounded by forest and with magnificent views. The rooms have a special charm.
  • La Escondida Guest House & Spa: on the shores of the lake, with exquisite decoration in the common areas as well as in the rooms, it has a heated swimming pool, restaurant, spa and gymnasium.

Cabins in Villa La Angostura

Staying in cabins in Villa La Angostura will not only allow you to have a desired rest as a couple or family, but it is also the perfect option in Patagonia for its architecture in wood and stone with large windows.

Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Colina Del Manzano: in Puerto Manzano, these are cabins with views of the lake through their large windows, an outdoor heated seasonal swimming pool and a beautiful garden. It has all the alpine style of Patagonia.
  • La Comarca Mountain Suites & Spa: beautiful complex with equipped cabins surrounding the central swimming pool. The place has a spa for treatments, games for children in the garden and indoors and a varied and exquisite breakfast with local products.
  • Encanto del Rio: alpine style country house with a large garden, away from the city center. In addition to the beautiful cabins, the complex has a spa and indoor swimming pool.

🏨 Do you want to look for other options? Find here the best hotels in Villa la Angostura.

where to stay in Villa la Angostura

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I hope you enjoy the city and rest comfortably with these recommendations where to stay in Villa la Angostura.

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