Where to Stay in Buenos Aires, Best Areas

The best areas to stay in Buenos Aires considering safety at night, proximity to attractions and transportation.

Buenos Aires is the city that never sleeps, with a lot of cultural offer in different neighborhoods, tango and the Rio de la Plata as protagonists, nightlife, gastronomy and different places to visit.

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Like any large South American city, it also has a negative point, the issue of insecurity, especially at night. For this reason, if you are traveling to Buenos Aires, we recommend where to stay. Let’s get to it.

Where to stay in Buenos Aires, the Microcentro area

Microcentro is one of the main places to see in Buenos Aires. Here you will find the Obelisk as a fundamental sign of the city, Corrientes Avenue and the theaters, and the central point of the city, Plaza de Mayo next to the Casa Rosada, the Cabildo and the Cathedral.

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In addition, almost next to Plaza de Mayo is the bohemian neighborhood of San Telmo where the cobblestone streets, the antique market and tango are the protagonists.

However, it should be taken into account that Microcentro is a neighborhood with a lot of people during the day due to the large number of shops and offices, but at night it tends to be a rather desolate place.

Our recommendations for sleeping in Microcentro in Buenos Aires are as follows:

  • HTL 9 de Julio BsAs: on 9 de Julio Avenue and a few blocks from the Obelisco, it is a designer accommodation with lofts and fully equipped kitchens. Ideal for couples or families.
  • Che Juan Hostel: very good accommodation, elegant, with shared kitchen, barbecue and lounge to chat with other guests. Ideal for backpackers or young people.
  • Milhouse Avenue: economical option in downtown Buenos Aires. It operates in a refurbished historic building from the 19th century. Private and shared rooms, excellent cleanliness.
  • Viamonte Buenos Aires Apart: is located a few meters from theaters, restaurants and Córdoba Avenue, one of the city’s main thoroughfares. Excellent value for money. Modern furnishings.

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Where to stay in Buenos Aires, Retiro area

Another place to stay in Buenos Aires is the Retiro area, close to the Microcentro, where the train stations and the bus terminal converge.

The Retiro neighborhood is well connected to different parts of the city by trains and the C and E subway lines. In addition, there are interesting places to visit such as St. Martin’s Square next to the English Tower, the Kavanagh building or the port where cruise ships arrive.

On Alvear, Suipacha and Esmeralda streets, a large number of bars and restaurants converge in a few blocks, which are very crowded after sunset.

Our recommendations for accommodation in the Retiro area are as follows:

  • Dorá Hotel Buenos Aires: one of the cheapest options in the Retiro area with very good service, varied breakfast and comfortable rooms. It is only 100 meters from the subway entrance.
  • NH Collection Buenos Aires Crillon: quality and elegance of one of the hotels of the international NH chain. It is right in front of San Martín square. The hotel has a restaurant and bar.
  • Waldorf Hotel: near the train stations, the bus terminal and Florida Street, it has an excellent breakfast and modern rooms.
  • Top Rentals: spacious, comfortable apartments for couples and families. It has beautiful views of the city as they are located on high floors. Very good service.

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Recoleta neighborhood, a nice area to stay in Buenos Aires

Elegant, safe, with good connectivity on the subway line, shopping malls and a lot of movement both day and night, the Recoleta neighborhood is one of the best options to sleep in Buenos Aires.

The area around the cemetery with its squares is the focal point of the neighborhood, where cafes, beer gardens, restaurants and bars are filled with people at all hours of the day.

In addition, the area has many cultural centers such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Recoleta Cultural Center or the Palais de Glace, large green spaces and commercial premises on Santa Fe Avenue and shopping malls.

Our recommendations for sleeping in the Recoleta area are as follows:

  • Sileo Hotel: gym, art gallery, unique details in the room facilities and a lot of charm is what this luxurious lodging in front of the Recoleta cemetery offers.
  • ARC Recoleta Boutique: located in the heart of Recoleta, offers spacious rooms, swimming pool on the terrace, sauna, solarium, fitness room and an excellent breakfast.
  • Melia Recoleta Plaza: for the most demanding guests, the Melia chain offers this five-star establishment with marble floors and hydro-massage bathtub just a few meters from the restaurants, bars and beer gardens.
  • Malala House: for those who are looking for a hostel and low prices in Recoleta, this is the ideal accommodation. On Santa Fe Avenue, close to the subway, it has shared rooms and excellent service.

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where to stay in Buenos Aires

Staying in Palermo neighborhood

The neighborhood of Palermo has many faces, and according to the area where you stay the environment is different. For us Palermo has several neighborhoods within one. Thus there is Palermo Hollywood, Soho or the Palermo Woods sector.

The forests of Palermo are the great green space of the neighborhood where the Rosedal and the Planetarium are located. It is the place where the porteños do physical activity or picnic on the lawn.

Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho represent the nightlife of the area. Here you will find many bars, breweries and fusion restaurants, especially in the busy Plaza Armenia and Plaza Serrano.

In general, it is a safe neighborhood to move around both day and night, with connectivity by train or subway to the city center. Our recommendations for sleeping in the neighborhood of Palermo are as follows:

  • Malevo Murana Hostel: a few meters from the Serrano square, a place of bars in Palermo, it is a nice hostel with an internal patio and good service. It has private and shared rooms.
  • Palermo Bridge: is a low-priced alternative halfway between Palermo Hollywood and the forest area. Excellent cleanliness. Close to restaurants and bars.
  • Selina Palermo: part of the international Selina chain, both the rooms and the common areas are very picturesque. It has a terrace with a bar upstairs which is very nice. Ideal for young people.
  • 1828 Smart Hotel Boutique: if you are looking for luxury and quality in the Palermo neighborhood, this accommodation meets those conditions. Heated pool, sauna and a modern and minimalist design. Ideal for couples.

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where to stay in Buenos Aires

Where to stay in Buenos Aires, the neighborhood of Belgrano

Belgrano is one of the top neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, residential and well connected to both downtown and the northern area of Greater Buenos Aires.

Cabildo Avenue is one of the main arteries where commercial establishments, restaurants and cafeterias are present. Among the places to visit in the area are the Barrancas de Belgrano, the famous round church next to Manuel Belgrano square and the colorful Chinatown.

For night lovers, the Las Cañitas area is one of the top places to eat and drink. Our recommendations for sleeping in the Belgrano neighborhood are as follows:

  • Argenta Suites Belgrano: located in the heart of Belgrano, one block from Cabildo Avenue and the subway station, it offers spacious rooms, swimming pool, garden and sauna. It operates in a modern building.
  • Hotel Pedraza: for those who are looking for price is an excellent option. Simple hotel with very good cleanliness and service. It is not so close to the subway station but it is close to the Nuñez train station.
  • Ker Belgrano Hotel: only one block from Cabildo Avenue and the subway station, it has spacious rooms, comfortable beds and spa. Ideal for couples or families.

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The luxurious and modern neighborhood of Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero was transformed from the old abandoned docks next to the Rio de la Plata in the 70’s to the most luxurious neighborhood of Buenos Aires where you can find high class hotels and the tallest buildings in the city.

Strolling along the docks is to find restaurants, offices and the orange-colored docks that give the area its charm. In Puerto Madero, the Costanera Sur Reserve stands out as an ecological space next to the Río de la Plata, the walk along the river and some museums.

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Due to the fact that it is an area where people with high purchasing power and offices reside, it is a bit exclusive, so the prices of accommodations are not cheap.

Our recommendations for sleeping in Puerto Madero are as follows:

  • Hilton Buenos Aires: a symbol of Puerto Madero, the Hilton stands out for its luxury, quality and views of the river and the neighborhood’s levees.
  • CH Madero Urban Suites: four star hotel between Puerto Madero and San Telmo neighborhood. Modern, spacious rooms. Spa, sauna, gym and large swimming pool in the inner courtyard.
  • Hotel Madero: another five-star hotel of the highest quality. Heated swimming pool, restaurant with luxury cuisine and a fabulous spa, among other details.

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I hope these recommendations on where to stay in Buenos Aires will help you plan your trip and rest comfortably.

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