Visa to Travel to Cambodia 2023

It is necessary to have a visa to travel to Cambodia, ok, but is it easy to obtain? how much does it cost? We tell you about it here.

Cambodia has become a must on any trip to Southeast Asia thanks to the incredible and photogenic Angkor Temples.

Although we must not forget that the country has a beach area that has nothing to envy to those of neighboring Thailand, and a capital where you can make a good review of its recent history.

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Do I need a visa to travel to Cambodia?

Yes, a visa is required to enter Cambodia.

And really, the more you start reading about it with the intention of saving a few euros and not overpaying, the more nightmarish it all becomes.

The Migration bureaucracy at both the land and air borders (although especially the land border) is very heavy, and there are many travelers who have had a really hard time.

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So keep in mind these tips to get your visa to travel to Cambodia the easy way.

Cambodia Tourist Visa: validity and extensions

The Cambodia tourist visa is valid for one month.

It can be extended only once. You must report to the immigration office in Phnom Penh.

If you overstay your visa, you will have to pay a fine equal to a certain amount multiplied by the number of days in excess and, in addition, if so determined, you may be detained and expelled from the country.

Get your visa to travel to Cambodia and visit the Ta Prohm temple inside Angkor Wat. This temple is characterized for being the site where Tomb Raider was filmed and the temple is surrounded by the roots of a large tree.

How to apply for a Cambodia Visa?

The Cambodia tourist visa can be obtained before traveling or at any of its borders, air or land.

Therefore, we will detail all the visa options below:

a) Visa on arrival in Cambodia:

The tourist visa can be processed “on arrival” and costs US$30 (some land borders may arbitrarily ask for US$35) for a single entry and a maximum stay of 30 days.

If you tell the immigration officer that it costs 30 and not 35, they will tell you that 30 is the visa and 5 is the stamp. They have it all figured out to get extra money out of you.

b) E-visa for travel to Cambodia:

There is the possibility of making an e-visa to travel to Cambodia with the official agency.

You pay about $40 (visa fee, plus processing fee, plus a credit card fee) and save all the chaos at the airport.

⚠️ Attention! E-visas are not accepted at all borders. Read well the conditions to know in which border the e-visa is accepted and in which not in the following link.

c) Process your visa for Cambodia online with e-Visado

In most cases the government platforms are somewhat difficult to understand, they are in English and their forms can generate doubts when it comes to filling them out. Then, the typical question arises, “Am I doing it right?

To solve this, there are companies that for an extra charge will help you with the management of the visa, all in Spanish and 24 hours a day.

Apply for your visa to travel to Cambodia and visit the terrace of the Elephants and the Leper King at Angkor Wat.

Recommendations if you want to obtain a visa upon arrival in Cambodia

  • Bring dollars and pay in dollars. Bring the $30 for the visa if you don’t get it first and change for the rest of the things they want to charge you (and that you will want to pay so you don’t renege).
  • If you bring euros, they will take it 1:1 and give you change in dollars, losing on the exchange rate.
  • If you are carrying another currency and want to exchange money at the Cambodian border, be aware that the exchange rate will be very unfavorable. Border ATMs are also a scam.
  • You will need at least 2 passport photos (sometimes they ask for one). It’s always good to have a few photos ready for any visas you want to take on your trip. Otherwise you will be charged on the spot from $2.00.

Yellow Fever: if you are from Argentina or come from a country where yellow fever is endemic, you will be required to show your yellow fever vaccination card at the immigration office. Take it with you when you travel in Southeast Asia!

Get your visa to travel to Cambodia and see the Bayon Temple at Angkor Wat

Scams and scams at the Poipet border in Thailand

This is a mini-summary of the most common scams and rip-offs you will encounter at the land borders with Thailand and also with Laos and Vietnam:

  • Unfavorable exchange rates if you need to change currency.
  • Drivers who charge you a “service” to expedite the immigration process at the border.
  • Charge for stamping your passport.
  • Charge for a “sanitary control”.
  • Beware of false borders: if you find it strange where you are, ask where the real border is.

Our main advice is that if you travel on your own to Cambodia without a previously obtained visa, be patient, go with time and be prepared for the most surreal things to happen to you.

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South Gate of Angkor Wat, the most popular entrance to the site

Travel to Cambodia in 2023 – Covid-19

As of March 17, 2022, Cambodia has fully reopened for travelers with full vaccination guidelines at least 14 days prior to the intended date of travel. In addition, all vaccinations are accepted.

If you reside in Spain and have been vaccinated there, the European vaccination certificate (Covid Digital Certificate -CDD; covid-19 passport) is accepted. To prove it, carrying a physical copy of the same to deliver to the Immigration authorities. No digital certificate is allowed.

If you are vaccinated it is not mandatory:

  • Quarantine upon arrival.
  • To be tested before traveling to this country. Just check if the airline or the country you are flying through previously requires it.
  • Purchase travel insurance to cover expenses for Covid-19, although it is recommended to do so.

If you are NOT vaccinated:

  • They must have travel insurance with coverage for Covid-19.
  • Make a 14-day quarantine to be formalized by bringing a 14-day advance hotel reservation in a hotel that must be among those authorized by the Cambodian Ministry of Health.

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