The 6 Best Tours in Mendoza Argentina

Land of sun and good wine, the province of Cuyo has some impressive landscapes to discover. We present the best torurs in Mendoza Argentina to do in a day from the capital city.

With the imposing Andes Mountains as a backdrop, the Aconcagua that seems to reach the sky, many wineries to visit and natural attractions everywhere, the province has gained many followers in recent years.

So that you can visit the main tourist attractions from the capital, we list the best excursions in Mendoza so that you don’t miss anything.

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1. High mountain excursions in the Andes in Mendoza

One of the best tours in Mendoza Argentina is to travel along Route 7, bordering high mountains up to the border with Chile. With this high mountain tour through the Andes you will visit the Potrerillos dam, the town of Uspallata, the emblematic Puente del Inca, the viewpoint of Mount Aconcagua. Finally, we will make an impressive ascent to the Cristo Redentor, located between the border of Chile and Argentina and with spectacular views of the Andes Mountains.

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2. Tour of vineyards and wineries

On this tour from Mendoza, you will get to know one of the province’s strongest products, wine production. Accompanied by an expert sommelier, you will visit two of the most important wineries in the province to learn about the winemaking process, tour the vineyards and taste two of the varieties produced. In addition, the excursion will be complemented with a visit to an olive grove.

3. Excursion to the Atuel Canyon and Valle Grande.

Ready for a day in the middle of nature? One of the best tours in Mendoza Argentina is to get to the outskirts of the city of San Rafael, to visit the Valle Grande reservoir and the Atuel River Canyon. You will see the curious rock formations produced by erosion and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the province of Mendoza.

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4. Excursions in Mendoza: to Potrerillos and Cacheuta

Leaving from Mendoza city along route 82 and bordering the Mendoza River, you will reach the small town of Cacheuta, famous for its thermal water complex. Then you will go through the majestic Cacheuta tunnel to see the Potrerillos dam and the great lake surrounded by mountains. Finally, a visit to the Gran Hotel de Potrerillos on the shores of the lake.

Potrerillos in Mendoza

5. Excursion to the Villavicencio Reserve

One of the best excursions in Mendoza is to visit the Villavicencio Reserve. On this tour you will visit the interpretation center to learn more about the flora and fauna of the place and you will enter the beautiful gardens of the emblematic Hotel Termas de Villavicencio. Finally, a winding ascent to 3000 meters of altitude awaits you on the so-called “Ruta de los Caracoles“.

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6. Excursion to Aconcagua Provincial Park

Visiting Mount Aconcagua up close is one of the greatest attractions to see in Mendoza. This tour takes you to the Aconcagua Provincial Park for a trekking route of low physical difficulty and admire the views of the highest mountain in America. During the tour you will be able to contemplate the Horcones Lagoon and the entire mountainous environment that surrounds the park. In addition, a picnic with empanadas, fruits, alfajores and, of course, wine from Mendoza awaits you.

Aconcagua Park, one of the best tours in the world.

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Tours in Mendoza Argentina

Ready to take some of the best tours in Mendoza Argentina and be amazed by the beauty of the landscape?

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