The Best Things to Do in Tandil in 3 Days

Surrounded by mountains, with lots of squares and many outdoor places to hang out, we tell you things to do in Tandil in 3 days.

I must admit that it is a city that captivated me since my first visit, when I lived in Mar del Plata. We had already visited Sierra de los Padres, but we had yet to visit this city.

Let’s go through the places to see in Tandil below.

How to get to Tandil?

The city is located in the center-south of the province of Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to reach Tandil by plane, so there is only the bus or the car.

  • If you are visiting Tandil from Buenos Aires, take route 3 to Las Flores and then take route 30 to Tandil. It is about 350 kms in total. Regarding buses, there are direct services between the two cities departing from the Retiro terminal with high daily frequency.

🚗 Search here for car rentals to travel to Tandil from Buenos Aires.

  • If you visit Tandil from Mar del Plata, you must take the scenic route 226 that passes through Sierra de los Padres and Balcarce and runs through mountain landscapes. The total distance is about 160 km. There are also frequent buses from the Mar del Plata bus terminal.

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Things to do in Tandil in 3 days

Although the main attractions to see in Tandil can be done in two days, the ideal is to stay in the city for three days to visit it completely and not be so rushed from one place to another.

Route map with things to do in tandil

We have separated the places to see in Tandil into two sections: the circuit through the mountains and the circuit through the city.

Circuit through the Sierras

1. Movediza Stone

Located on the hill of the same name, thisenormous stone weighing 300 tons was almost suspended over the hill, supporting only a small surface and remaining in equilibrium. I say this in the past tense since the original stone finally fell in 1912 and only in 2007 was a replica installed in the same place.

The ascent to the hill to see the replica of the quicksand stone is of low difficulty and there are stairs to climb. In addition to the stone, at the top of the hill there is a wooden deck with beautiful views of the surrounding hills.


Access to the quicksand is free and there is a place to park your car at the base of the hill.

2. Plazoleta VI Air Brigade

Very close to Mount Calvario is a large square, whose main attraction is the Mirage Dagger, a decommissioned military aircraft that fought during the Malvinas War. It should be remembered that the VI Brigade of the Argentine Air Force played an outstanding role in the war.

Mirage Dagger in Tandil

3. Centinela Hill

Located on the outskirts of Tandil, a granite monument is preserved here: a 7-meter high stone in a vertical position resting on a small surface of the hill. Something very curious!

Cerro Centinela not only has this attraction, you can also do different outdoor activities such as trekking in the mountains, zip-lining, rappel and mountain biking.

To access the highest part of the hill you can go up the mountainside or go directly by chairlift, which is what we did. The chairlift allows you to see from above the valley where the city sits, the surrounding mountains and the large number of pine trees.

Centinela Hill
As you will see in this photo, you can also ride up on horseback but we do not endorse using animals for tourism purposes – #responsibletravelers🙂

Once on the highest part of the hill, you will find a “parador” to enjoy a delicious meal with a view, have a coffee or a soda, or just a snack. In addition, there is the curious Celtic Horoscope, an outdoor space with different varieties of trees planted where each one represents the virtue of a divinity.

Centinela Hill

If you want more information about the place, we recommend visiting the official website of Cerro Centinela.

4. Pioneros Road

Another of the places you have to see in Tandil is the “Camino de los Pioneros“, a 3.5 kilometer route through the mountains that can be done by car, motorcycle, bicycle or walking.

The road leads to the top of El Mate hill, passing by a spring and contemplating the viewpoints towards the city and the mountains, ideal for nature lovers.

In addition, along the way there are vestiges of the activity of the pioneers who inhabited the city, who worked the stone by hand in the old quarries. In their honor, the promenade is named after them and a monument to the Stonecutters is erected.

5. Christ of the Hills

Almost at the end of Don Bosco Avenue and in front of the Valle Escondido golf course is the Cristo de las Sierras. This large cross with Christ crucified is on the top of a hill, which allows fabulous views of the city of Tandil from afar.

Cristo de las Sierra

To get there, you have to walk up a path of little difficulty for about 20 minutes. Entrance is free and you can leave your car parked at the base of the hill.

6. Stonecutter Valley

On the Aurora hill, the Picapedrero valley allows different activities in the mountain range such as zip-lining, rappel, climbing, Tibetan bridge and more.

Ideal to enjoy with friends or family, it also has three hiking tra ils of low difficulty for trekking lovers.

There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy grilled food or local specialties such as sausages.

✏️If you are going to do any of the activities in the valley of the Stonecutter, you must book in advance. More information on the official website of Valle del Picapedrero.

7. La Cascada, trekking in Tandil through the mountains.

One of the possible hiking routes is to the Tandil waterfall. To do so, leave the car parked in the parking lot behind the racetrack and start the ascent.

There are two possible routes to take: one to the small grotto of the Virgin and the other leading to the waterfall, a small waterfall that runs between the stones.

Both routes, especially to the waterfall, require some rock climbing, proper footwear and a bit of physical exertion, but can be done with older children.

Tour around the city of Tandil

8. Mount Calvary

One of the main attractions to see in Tandil is located a few meters from the city center. Mount Calvary is an important pilgrimage center for Catholics during Holy Week, as the Stations of the Cross and a huge cross of the crucified Christ are located on the top of the mountain.

In addition, on one of the slopes stands the chapel of Santa Gemma and the grotto of Lourdes.

Lourdes Grotto on Mount Calvary

To reach the large cross there are two options: one is to climb the many steps of the main staircase from the parking area, and the other is to follow the Via Crucis path that runs along one of the slopes of the mountain.

Beyond what the place represents for Catholics, it is worthwhile to walk the Way of the Cross, which goes into the interior of the hill among large eucalyptus, pine and olive trees. It is a very nice outdoor walk with shade.

Via Crucis Mount Calvary

Once at the top of the mountain, the huge cross of the crucified Christ is closely observed along with the large number of prayers and acknowledgements left by believers at the base of the cross.

Mount Calvary
Things to do in Tandil Monte Calvario

9. Fort Lake

This small mirror of water formed thanks to the construction of the dam on the Langueyú River is one of the most frequented places by locals, especially on weekends, and therefore one of the things to do in Tandil.

Above the center of the Fort’s lake is the geyser, a large jet of water that rises several meters above the surface of the water.

The place is not only ideal for nautical activities such as boat rentals. The lake is surrounded by a large green space for picnicking, walking, jogging or biking.

Fort Lake

In addition, on one of the sides of the lake, there is the Children’s Dream Park, a large outdoor area with games for children, ideal for your children to have fun and have some mates in the open air.

Another of the attractions of the Fort’s lake is the Balneario del Sol, a swimming pool complex with a children’s playground and restaurant, ideal for spending the day in the summer.

Finally, there are several monuments in the surroundings of the water mirror.

  • The Founder’s monument, in honor of those who contributed to the development of Tandil through the metallurgical industry. This monument reflects the activity of casting molten metal.
  • The other monument is dedicated to Don Quixote and Sancho Panza and is located at the top of the hill next to the Fort’s lake. Made of iron, the monument is accessed through a winding road that can be done either by car or on foot.
Mill and Quixote in Tandil

10. Independence Park

With its almost 300 meters high, this huge park located in the center of the city allows a privileged view of the city of Tandil from above.

Above the entrance to the park is the large entrance gate, built in granite and with a Romanesque Renaissance style. On the way up to the top of the park, the gardens stand out, with their green areas to enjoy the open air, and the Martín Fierro amphitheater, where the great show with more than 200 artists takes place during Holy Week.

At the top, the Moorish castle stands out, with that Andalusian touch, a gift from the Spanish community. There is a restaurant inside the small castle, although the prices are a bit steep for eating here.

Moorish Castle

As a tip, it is best to go up to the castle before sunset, to see the sun go down and the orange colors of the sky over the city of Tandil. There is free parking and a stand selling regional products.

Views of Tandil from the Moorish Castle

Access to Independencia Park is free, and you can even go to the terrace of the Moorish castle, owned by the restaurant, to take pictures without paying anything. There is no excuse not to miss one of the places to see in Tandil.

11. Independence Square and surroundings

To complete the circuit on the places to see in Tandil in three days, you should take a walk through the center of the city.

Independencia Square is the central point of Tandil. With a large number of trees, among which orange trees stand out, it is surrounded by two important historic buildings: the Municipal Palacebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century with an impressive façade, and the Church of the Blessed SacramentBuilt at the end of the 19th century, it has a large central bell tower and the main atrium with the image of the Virgin Immaculate Conception.

Church of the Blessed Sacrament of Tandil
Main Square of Tandil

In addition, the entire sector between Av. España, Gral, Rodriguez, Pinto and Alem, is an area with a large number of restaurants, craft breweries and cafes, ideal for a break or to enjoy the nightlife.

12. Taste some sausage

Tandil is one of the cities par excellence to taste and, why not, buy some of the locally produced sausages. From the famous salames tandileros, to cheeses and different types of cold cuts, there are many places that sell these regional products. It is almost obligatory to taste some picada with local products accompanied by a wine or a craft beer.

Perhaps the most emblematic place in the city is Época de Quesos, an old bodegón that seems to have stopped in time due to its decoration, located on the corner of San Martín and 14 de Julio. Here you can buy a variety of salami or cheese of own production or directly taste a picada in the place.

Cheese season inside

Traveling with children to Tandil

Tandil is an ideal city to travel with children. It has lots of green spaces for them to have fun and many games. In addition, the center can be easily navigated with a baby stroller.

Traveling with children to Tandil, from shifting stone

If you are going to visit any of the hills, it is advisable to carry a backpack as you have to climb stairs or walk directly on the stone. In these cases we recommend leaving the cart.

Where to stay in Tandil

There are many options to stay in the city of Tandil, from small apartments in the downtown area, hotels for all budgets, to beautiful cabins in the middle of the mountains.

Three options that we recommend to stay in Tandil are:

  • Hotel Aires de Tandil: only 400 meters from the main square of Tandil, it has a very good quality-price ratio. Own parking to leave the car, spacious and clean rooms.
  • Casa Chango Hostel: ideal for young people looking for an environment where they can share with other travelers. Shared rooms, shared kitchen and garden.
  • Hotel El Paraíso De La Sierra: away from the center of the city in an ideal place to rest and breathe fresh air. Excellent breakfast, lots of green space and views of the mountains.

Cabins in Tandil

  • Valle de los Ciervos Cabins: excellent cabins in the middle of the mountains and surrounded by nature. They are fully equipped and the property has an outdoor swimming pool.
  • Lola Mora Cabins: very good location near the dam and the main hills. Fully equipped kitchen and a large garden to relax.
  • Alta Vista Tandil: it has everything you need to enjoy. Complex of cabins for two to six people with outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, children’s playground. It is very close to the Sierra del Tigre, in a privileged location.

🏨 Do you want to look for other options? Find here the best hotels in Tandil.

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