Best Things to Do in Morella in 1 Day

Here you will find the best things to do in Morella in 1 day and with kids, a village catalogued as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Morella is located in the province of Castellón, and is listed as one of the most charming towns in Spain. The castle at the top of the hill and the wall that surrounds the entire old town, give it that particular magic that is worth knowing.

In a whole day you can perfectly know all the corners that hides this town, surrounded by mountainous landscapes and many hiking trails to get lost in nature.

Let’s discover everything there is to do in Morella in one day whether you go with children, as a couple or with friends.

Where to stay in Morella

Both inside and outside the old town there are many options for accommodation in Morella. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Hotel Rey Don Jaime: inside the walled enclosure, rooms with mountain views and restaurant.
  • Hotel La Fonda Moreno: small and familiar, it is in the center of town.
  • Hotel Cardenal Ram: housed in an old palace from the 14th century, on one of the narrow cobblestone streets in the old town of Morella.

Need more options? Check these hotels in Morella.

Map of the best things to do in Morella in 1 day and with kids

1) Do a Morella private tour with your family and friends

  • Morella Private Tour, to discover all the charms that one of Spain’s most beautiful villages has to offer. 

2) Visit the castle, one of the main things to do in Morella in 1 day

The castle is the main attraction of Morella in 1 day and the protagonist when you look at the town from far away, as it is nestled on top of a hill, at a height of 1,000 meters. Witness to the passage of different civilizations dating back to prehistoric times, its privileged location served as a fortress and control of the whole area.

Its golden age took place with the arrival of the Arabs and later during the Christian reconquest. Renowned characters such as El Cid or Jaume I visited the castle.

Morella Castle Gates - things to do in Morella in 1 day and with kids

Today, visitors walk through the ruins of the castle and the tour is divided into three levels:

  • Lower level: and the oldest, where the ancient wall is located,
  • Second level: where it is the Governor’s Palace, inside a cave that displays posters about the origin and history of the castle.
  • Highest level: to marvel at the views of the mountainous surroundings and the reddish roofs of the houses of Morella at the bottom. Here was the Plaza de Armas and the bedrooms of the royalty in the past.

Access to the castle is by the Plaza de Toros of the city.

⚠️ As the access is uphill and by stairs molded into the rock, it is impossible to visit it for people in wheelchairs or if you carry a baby carriage. You can enter with dogs as long as they are leashed and muzzled.

The town of Morella from the top of the castle

3) Morella Old Town

With steep, narrow cobbled streets and enclosed by ancient walls, the old town of Morella is one of the most beautiful in Spain. Its main street is Blasco de Alagón, with numerous shops, restaurants, and the striking porches that give it a special charm.

There are several places of interest to visit in Morella Old Town that we detail below:

  • Convent of San Francisco: at the base of the castle, it’s one of the Gothic jewels of Morella. Originally from the 15th century, it preserves its main facade in good condition and many paintings of that period in its interior.
Convent of San Francisco in Morella
  • Morella Town Hall: It’s one of its emblematic building, also called Casa de la Vila. It dates from the 14th century and is Gothic in style. Its curiosity is in the interior, since here is the old and large prison that functioned from medieval times until the late 1960s, along with beautiful Gothic rooms where exhibitions are held.
  • Basilica Arciprestal Santa María la Mayor: It’s a true work of art and one of the must-see in Morella in 1 day. Its construction lasted several years between the 13th and 14th centuries, and the Gothic style fully stands out. The interior is really impressive with details that attract attention such as the choir, the altar, and the organ. Inside is the Arcipestral Museum, where there are exhibited works of goldsmithing and painting.
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  • Garden of the Poets: It’s located at the foot of the Convent and is a green space to sit, breathe fresh air and tranquility. Its name is in honor of the poets of Morella.
  • Jewish quarter: Cuesta de Sant Joan (Sant Joan’s slope) is a passage of stairs that crosses the old town up and down, ideal for photographs. In the middle of the slope, this small neighborhood where arches are hidden among the houses that were built later. Taking photos in this place is one of the things to do in Morella in 1 day.
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4) Morella’s walls and gates

The well-preserved walls of Morella’s Old Town form a perimeter of 1,5 km with several towers and gates.

The imposing Puerta de San Miguel gives access to the historic center of Morella. They are two octagonal towers are from the 14th century. Inside them, you can play medieval games, and enjoy with the family.

The Puerta de la Nevera is another important gate with two square towers with an arch. Its name is due to the fact that snow was stored in that place for therapeutic purposes.

💯 If you want to walk around the outside the walled area, there is a hiking route called the Paseo de Ronda. You can start it from different access gates to the old town, and it takes about an hour to do it. In addition to the walls, you will find panoramic views to the mountains.

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5) Visit the aqueduct of Santa Lucia, Morella in 1 day

Outside the walled enclosure, another of the things to do in Morella in 1 day is to visit the aqueduct that dates from the 14th century. Its function was to transport water from the Vinatxos spring to the village. Nowadays, two of the original sections with their large arches are still in good condition.

From the aqueduct do not miss the views of the walled area of Morella, really fascinating.

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6) The best panoramic views of Morella

If there is something you can not miss when visiting Morella is the panoramic photo of the town with the surrounding wall and the castle. There are three places that we recommend you to have the best views of Morella.

  • From the aqueduct, as mentioned above, is one of the best places to get panoramic views of Morella.
  • The Motorhome Rest Area, perhaps the best place, is on the bypass of the N-232 and CV-117 roads (see the map). From here you have a complete view of the walls and the castle.
  • Viewpoint in the route CV-12 to Ares del Maestre, 2 km after the taking the detour from route N-232.
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7) Cave paintings Morella la Vella

On the outskirts of Morella, the cave paintings, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, dazzle the testimonies of the ancient inhabitants. Inside, you will find hunting scenes in the walls. there are guided visits.

Morella with kids

If you are visiting Morella with kids, beyond the charm of the town, surrounded by walls and with the castle at the top, there are many activities to do with the little ones:

  • Dinosaur Museum: this enclosure exhibits a life-size specimen of Iguanodon, one of the species that inhabited the area millions of years ago. A large number of dinosaur fossils have been discovered in Morella and its surroundings, many of which are exhibited in the museum. More info.
  • Saltapins: about four kilometers from Morella, it is a park located in the forest with adventure circuits for people over six years old. Through zip lines, Tibetan bridges and walkways located between 2 to 17 meters high and that make the connection between the trees, children and adults practice their skills in the middle of nature.
  • Escape Morella: the typical game where through clues and objects you have to solve the enigma presented. The riddles to solve are framed in themes that have to do with the city as dinosaurs.

Useful information to visit Morella

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– Getting to Morella

The town of Morella is located on the N-232 road, which leads to the town of Zaragoza and in the opposite direction to the coast of Castellón.

If you are coming from Valencia, the fastest option is to take the AP-7 to Vinaroz and then the N-232 towards Morella. There is also the option of going through the inland area of Castellón, taking the CV-15 road and then the CV-12 road in Ares del Maestre.

From Barcelona, you should also take the AP-7 to Vinaroz with the subsequent detour on the N-232 to Morella.

If you are going to visit Morella from Madrid, the best option is to leave through Guadalajara route. Continue on the A2 and then turn off at the town of Alcolea del Pinar on the N-211 road, which will later become the N-420. In the town of Alcorisa, choose the A-225, which as soon as the autonomous community changes from Aragón to Comunidad Valencia is called CV-14, until you reach Morella.

– Tours to visit Morella

You can also visit Morella from another cities, like Valencia.

If you are planning to visit Morella, you must try to visit Peñíscola, too.

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