13 Things to Do in Mar Del Plata, Stroll Around “la Feliz”

Its extensive promenade, shopping streets, the port and much more. Things to do in Mar del Plata all year round.

The pearl of the Atlantic and the coastal city most visited by Argentine tourists, not only has movement in the summer, but it is also a year-round city, with many attractions.

So that you can know everything there is to do in Mar del Plata whether you go in summer or not, we leave you the main tourist attractions of the city.

Map of the places to see in Mar del Plata

It will probably take you some time to visit all the places in La Feliz. Not only beach is what the city has to offer, it also stands out for its craft beer, seafood cuisine, shopping and entertainment for the whole family.

1. Things to do in Mar del Plata, the beaches

Especially in summer, Mar del Plata attracts a large number of visitors who are attracted by its beaches, which makes the city one of the main tourist destinations in the country.

Having a coastline of several kilometers, there are different beach sectors to enjoy, some more central and others farther away.

Things to do in Mar del Plata
Things to do in Mar del Plata

– Southern Beaches

Passing Punta Mogotes and the lighthouse, we find the so-called Playas del Sur (Southern Beaches). This is where the movement of young tourists is concentrated during the summer months, it can be said that these are the “top” beaches of the city.

There are a large number of inns in the different resorts and many of them have swimming pools as a service for those who rent tents on site.

The beaches of the south do not have stone breakwaters, they are open to the sea although with a lot of waves.

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– Punta Mogotes Beaches

This large complex made up of 24 bathing resorts is a classic in Mar del Plata.

In fact, there are spas where the regular tourists of the place are usually soccer players, artists or other activities.

– Playa Grande

A very wide beach and the closest to the port of the city, with which they share the north breakwater.

Although this beach has two wide breakwaters, it is quite open to the sea and very frequented by surfers and young people.

馃摲 Do you like adrenaline? Then, this surf course in Playa Grande is ideal for you. You will learn the basics of surfing even if you have never ridden a board before.

– Varesse Beach

Very frequented by locals, it is one of the most beautiful beaches to see in Mar del Plata.

On a small bay formed by stone breakwaters, it is ideal for swimming since the waves are usually very calm. If you go with children it is an excellent plan as there is plenty of sand for them to play and shallow water near the shore.

– Bristol Beach

The Bristol or Popular beach is the most central, next to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf and the Casino building.

Not only is it very wide, but also a large number of street shows are held here at sunset during the summer, ideal to enjoy with the family.

– Beaches of La Perla

The La Perla beach complex has four bathing resorts and is visited mainly by people from Mar del Plata.

In this area you can rent a tent or umbrella to have more space or tranquility or enjoy the public space by the sea.

Although they are not in the center of the city like Bristol Beach, you only have to walk a few blocks along the coast to get to the area.

Things to do in Mar del Plata

– Beaches north of the city

The calmest during the summer with a large expanse of sand and breakwaters that allow you to enjoy the water without too much surf.

The northern beaches extend from the end of the beaches of La Perla to just past Constituci贸n Avenue.

They are ideal to go with children due to the spaciousness of the place.

2. The port, one of the places to see in Mar del Plata

The port of Mar del Plata is one of the main economic activities of the city.

Above the port, the famous yellow boats of the local fishermen return every day to unload the catch of the day, with the watchful eye of the sea lions that swim around the boat to see if they can get some food. A spectacle worth seeing.

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Visiting the city’s port is an interesting attraction for the family. You can drive all along the southern breakwater to the monument of the great illuminated Christ, passing by a small colony of sea lions resting on the shore.

In addition, if you want to eat fresh fish, you should go to the Centro Comercial del Puerto, a complex of many restaurants where fish and seafood are the protagonists.

馃摲 Book a boat ride to contemplate the coast of Mar del Plata from offshore.

3. Things to do in Mar del Plata, shopping around the city

There are many areas to go shopping in Mar del Plata, or just have a coffee, a beer or a snack.

– G眉emes and Olavarr铆a Streets

G眉emes Streetand its parallel Olavarr铆a Street, from Colon Avenue to Avellaneda Street, have grown a lot in terms of fashion and restaurants, becoming today one of the must-see areas in Mar del Plata.

Whether you want to buy some clothes or just stroll along the sidewalk, it is a very busy place at any time of the year.

In addition to the most recognized brands of clothing, jewelry stores and other shops, there are beautiful cafes, restaurants, craft breweries or bakeries to sit and have a drink and take a break.

– Constitution Avenue

Constituci贸n is one of the city’s main avenues, located in the north of the city. Formerly it was the place where the big discos of Mar del Plata were located, but that has changed in the last years and now it is a great commercial avenue.

The avenue extends for a large number of blocks and more and more commercial establishments, coffee shops, pastry shops, restaurants, and above all, craft breweries, have settled on the artery.

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Mainly from dusk onwards, the avenue acquires a continuous movement of people who go out to have a beer or eat something.

– Juan B. Justo Street

Close to the port, this wide avenue stands out above all for its outlets and shops selling pullovers and jackets. Mar del Plata is called the national Pullover capital for a reason.

– Leandro Alem Street

Alem Street has risen from the ashes and is slowly beginning to attract tourists and locals.

Formerly the city’s pub area, today it has been reconverted into an artery with a large number of shops, cafes and restaurants.

– Los Gallegos and Paseo Aldrey shopping malls

Although the size of the shopping malls in Mar del Plata is not the same as in Buenos Aires, it is worthwhile to visit the two large structures that include stores, restaurants and movie theaters.

The first shopping center to be installed was Los Gallegos, an old traditional store in the city. Located in the center, it is a three-story building ideal for a rainy day in summer. It has movie theaters.

The Aldrey Promenade is a recent creation, operating in what used to be the old bus station of the city, on Alberti and Las Heras Streets. It still preserves the facade of the historic terminal building at the front, to which a modern building has been added at the rear.

4. Walk along the coast, by car or on foot

The city’s coastline is very wide, extending for several kilometers from Playa Grande to Constituci贸n Avenue.

One of the things to do if you visit the city is to take a drive or walk along the waterfront. The route offers beautiful scenery overlooking the sea, with a place to stop and enjoy the scenery. One of the places to enjoy the scenery is Parque San Mart铆n, a large green space on Playa Grande.

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Also the walk along the old Rambla, passing behind the famous sea lions made of stone and the Casino building, is worth doing.

Also, along the way, you will see many people enjoying the outdoors, drinking mates or exercising.

5. Things to do in Mar del Plata, Peralta Ramos Forest

Outside the coastal circuit of the city, the Peralta Ramos forest is another attraction to see in Mar del Plata.

Located in the upper part of the city, it offers several hectares surrounded by large trees, among which the eucalyptus stands out. The walk through the forest can be done on foot, by car or by bike, through the small streets.

Although the entire forest area is inhabited with modern houses, it is still a very quiet place, ideal to go with children and enjoy nature.

Inside the forest there is a small shopping promenade, an artisan fair and a beautiful tea house where you can stop and enjoy a delicious cake.

6. Casino, Cathedral and Torre贸n del Monje, downtown Mar del Plata.

Almost connected at a distance of about seven blocks by the San Martin pedestrian street, the historic buildings of the Cathedral and the Casino are two places to see in Mar del Plata.

The Casino Central building is an emblem of the city and you will see it in several postcards. Built by Alejandro Bustillo in the 1930s, it has a clear French neoclassical style with stone cladding. Access to the Casino is free of charge.

Things to do in Mar del Plata

The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Cecilia is the main church of the city. With its central bell tower that rises several meters, it was built at the end of the 19th century. It is of neo-gothic style and has precious stained glass windows that were brought directly from France.

The Torre贸n del Monje is another of the emblematic buildings of the city. Donated by Ernesto Tornquist to the city, its first name was Torre Belevedere. Currently, it still has a large open-air esplanade to enjoy the sea views, where the cafeteria and restaurant are located.

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馃摲 Book your guided tour of Mar del Plata here. A walking tour with a guide through places such as the promenade, Torre贸n del Monje, the central beaches and much more.

7. See the city from the sea

One of the things to do in Mar del Plata, especially in summer, is to sail along the coast to see the city from the sea.

The cruise ship Anamora offers the service, departing on weekends and holidays at 11:30 am and 4 pm. The cruise departs from the port and passes through the most emblematic places of the city, such as Playa Grande, Cape Corrientes and the downtown area.

8. Cultural centers

There are many museums and cultural centers to see in Mar del Plata, among which the following stand out:

– Museum of Contemporary Art

Better known as the MAR Museum, this modern building stands out on the waterfront promenade in the north of the city. On the outside, it stands out for the large figure of a sea lion covered with wrappers of the famous Havanna alfajores of the city, a work made by Marta Minujin.

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Inside, different temporary works by local, national and international artists are exhibited. Admission is free.

– Juan Carlos Castagnino Municipal Museum of Art

Located on the hill of Colon Avenue, this impressive 1909 villa was owned by the aristocratic Ortiz Basualdo family, and is the current home of the Municipal Museum of Art.

The museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions, among which the works of the artist Juan Carlos Castagnino stand out. In addition, during the tour you can appreciate the rooms of the old villa and the original art nouveau furniture that had the residence, which makes it one of the main museums to see in Mar del Plata.

– Victoria Ocampo Cultural Center

In the area of Los Troncos, this old villa from 1912 stands out, together with its large garden, which was the summer home of the family of the writer Victoria Ocampo.

During her stay, Victoria Ocampo welcomed many writers and friends from the country and abroad.

During the visit, temporary exhibits can be appreciated, as well as the original furniture of the writer’s room and literary works of writers linked to Victoria Ocampo.

馃摲 Book here the panoramic tour of Mar del Plata. A walk through the main points of the city such as the Victoria Ocampo villa, the port and the Tanque tower. Includes: transfers and guide.

– Arroyo Museum House

Known as Casa del Puente, this curious building was built between 1943 and 1945 over the Las Chacras stream. Due to its curious shape, it is still being studied by architects as to its construction.

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After several years of abandonment, the Museum House on the Stream, which has exhibits, is currently operating inside. In any case, the interior of the building still shows the consequences of so many years of neglect and vandalism, with spray-painted walls.

9. The classic gastronomy of the city

Mar del Plata offers gastronomic brands that have transcended borders and are worth tasting.

The best emblem of the city are the Havanna alfajores, with several stores in the city, many of which have been converted into cafeterias with product sales. Boxes can also be purchased to take as gifts.

Another big brand is Manolo churros, with three stores, the best one on Boulevard Mar铆timo, in front of Parque San Mart铆n. Their churros filled with chocolate, dulce de leche or pastelera are a true delicacy that must be tasted.

Things to do in Mar del Plata

One of the most classic coffee shops in Mar del Plata is La Fonte D’Oro, with many branches scattered throughout the city. The coffee, croissants, cakes and frapuccino are a delicacy.

As for ice cream parlors, Lucciano’s is a local artisan ice cream brand that has established itself very strongly in the city of Buenos Aires. With their variety of multicolored palettes and flavors, they are worth a try.

馃搶 For us, Italia ice cream parlor is also on par with Lucciano’s in terms of quality. With its famous stuffed cagnolis and original artisan ice cream flavors, it fights for the first place in terms of ice cream parlors in the city.

10. See a theater show

During the summer season, the great theatrical shows that have been the rage in Buenos Aires during the year are concentrated in the city.

It is in the center of the city where the main theaters that host outstanding national artists during the summer season are concentrated.

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In addition to the nationally renowned plays that are staged during the summer, theatrical productions with local artists are also staged throughout the year.

11. Visiting a craft brewery

The great movement of craft beer in the country was born in Mar del Plata, thanks to the brand Antares, a pioneer in the field.

Today, the craft beer boom is also being experienced in the city, with a large number of brands and establishments. From the classic Antares, through Baum, Ogham, Gluck, Cheverry, among others.

Going out for a craft beer in the city is almost as obligatory as going to the beach in the middle of summer. Of course, you have to go early because all the places are full of people.

馃摲 Ready to take a beer tour in Mar del Plata? You will tour three craft breweries in the G眉emes area with pint tasting and explanations from the brew masters.

12. Enjoying the views of the city from above

There are two places to appreciate the city and the sea from above.

One is Las Nubes Caf茅, located on the 28th floor of the building belonging to the Torres de Manantiales hotel. On Fridays and Saturdays at midnight there are live music shows, ideal for couples to enjoy while having a beer or a drink. From the 28th floor the views of the sea are fascinating.

The Torre Tanque is another of the places to see in Mar del Plata. Located on the hill of Stella Maris, its construction dates back to 1940 and even today it still serves as a drinking water reservoir for the city’s water supply. It is 74 meters high from the lookout point, which can be accessed by elevator or stairs. Admission is free and includes a guided tour. Needless to say that from the lookout point the views of the sea and the city leave you speechless.

13. Things to do in Mar del Plata, the surroundings

After touring all the attractions to do in Mar del Plata, it’s time to take a walk around the surrounding area.

There are many places to visit near “La Feliz”: mountain and lagoon areas such as Laguna de los Padres and Sierra de los Padres, the city of Miramar with its beaches and the energetic forest, Santa Clara del Mar and the Mar Chiquita lagoon.

馃敐 Check out our article on things to do in Sierra de los Padres.

馃摲 And if you prefer to let yourself go, book here the excursion to Sierra de los Padres from Mar del Plata in the day. Includes: transfers and guide.

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Even the city of Tandil is 160 kilometers away from Mar del Plata. We tell you everything you have to see in Tandil in this article.

Where to stay in Mar del Plata?

Being one of the main beach cities in the country, it is clear that the hotel offer is very wide and for all budgets. You can choose between downtown, the Guemes or Playa Grande areas and even more distant hotels such as those near Punta Mogotes.

Our recommendations for sleeping in Mar del Plata are as follows:

  • Hotel Riviera: in front of the Central Casino and the beach, it has a privileged location. The rooms have been renovated, are spacious and bright. Good breakfast and service.
  • Bagu Playa Grande: is an economical option to sleep two blocks from Playa Grande and close to Guemes Street. It has been recently remodeled. Good cleanliness and continental breakfast.
  • Solanas Beach Mar del Plata: ideal for families, it has apartments overlooking the sea in the Punta Mogotes area. In addition, in the summer there is an outdoor swimming pool.

馃彣 Do you want to look for other options? Find here the best hotels in Mar del Plata.

馃敐 See the recommended where to stay in Mar del Plata.

How to get to Mar del Plata?

Located in the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires, the best way to get to the city is by car or bus. Mar del Plata has an excellent connection with Capital Federal and GBA through route 2.

If you are coming from the south, Route 88 is the access point. Also from the interior of the province of Buenos Aires can be accessed by route 226, a beautiful road that crosses Tandil and Balcarce and runs through the mountains. From the Partido de la Costa and Pinamar the access is by route 11.

Although it still does not have much connectivity with the rest of the country, another option to get to Mar del Plata is by plane or train, mainly from Buenos Aires. The airport is located on Route 2, a few kilometers from the beginning of Constituci贸n Avenue.

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