Things TO DO in IGUAZÚ in 4 days, detailed itinerary

Discover all the things to do in Iguazu in 4 days, from the famous Iguazu Falls which are a natural wonder of the world, to delving into one of the most spectacular ecosystems in Argentina.

Argentina never tires with its natural wonders and in the northeast of the country is one of those that no tourist, national or foreign, wants to miss. The Iguazu Falls are imposing wherever you look at them and that is why they are not only a World Heritage Site, but also one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

But in the surroundings of Puerto Iguazu there are many more activities to do and wild and historical places to visit, and we will try to cover them all here. Let’s get to it!

Map of what things to do in Iguazu in 4 days

This is the map with things to do in Iguazu in 4 days or more. Most sites are concentrated in the Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay tri-border area, but then there is a trip to the San Ignacio Ruins, a World Heritage Site, which should not be missed since it is in the area. It is about 300 km south of the Falls, but it is well worth it.

🔝 I’ve long wanted to write about this crazy place. I visited it with my brother Fernando before the existence of Ruta del Mate and that is why in some pictures you can find him.

How to organize the days to visit everything there is to do in Iguazu

It depends on what you want to see in Iguazu, the amount of days you should dedicate to this incredible place. Activities, you will see that there are many. It is an area where adventure is on demand and in addition to “seeing things” you will be able to experience and interact with nature. In addition, they can also include a cultural part to the tour.

This is our suggestion of days to visit Iguazu and the Falls:

  • Day 1 – Iguazu Falls on the Argentine Side
  • Day 2 – Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side plus a visit to some of Puerto Iguazu such as the landmark of the 3 borders, ferinha or the hummingbird garden.
  • Day 3 – Visit Wanda Mines and San Ignacio Ruins
  • Day 4 – Enjoy all the things to see in and around Puerto Iguazú

Things to do in Iguazu in 4 days

Here are our recommendations on what to do in Iguazu in 4 days, to make the most of your stay and get to know the Iguazu Falls on both the Argentine and Brazilian sides and the main attractions around Puerto Iguazu.

1. Visit the Iguazu Falls, both argentinian and brazilin side

🔘 Check out the rest of the World Heritage Sites we have visited.

The Iguazu Falls are located in Argentine and Brazilian territory, and the Iguazu River is a natural border between the two countries. Almost 80% of its 275 waterfalls of up to 80 meters high are located on the Argentine side. This allows one to see the thunderous fall of the water from up close, making the experience more experiential and authentic. However, we will not deny that the best panoramic view is from the Brazilian side.

The Iguazu National Park protects the waterfalls and the flora and fauna that inhabit the rainforest and some of the activities that can be done there are:

  • Trekking in the jungle along the authorized trails
  • Visit the Devil’s Throat
  • Boat ride under the waterfalls
  • Panoramic view of the Brazilian side
  • Seeing the falls under a full moon
  • Pay attention to the native flora and fauna around you.

In the following article we will expand on the visit to the Iguazu Falls.

Things to Do in Iguazú in 4 Days

2. Landmark of the 3 borders, monument to see in Iguazu.

In this park, located in the northwest corner of Puerto Iguazú, you will find the 3 fronteras landmark. It is so called because it is the place where the Iguazú River joins the Paraná River and the territorial and political division of three countries is evident: Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

On the Argentine side, we can find a monolith or mini obelisk painted with the light blue, white and blue colors of the Argentine flag. In the enclosure there are benches to sit on and even a large frame to take a picture. Although the best thing to do is to go to the viewpoint to see how close the three countries are. There is also an artisan fair where you can buy souvenirs and gifts.

📷 Check here the Tour to visit Puerto Iguazu and reserve your place.

3. Ferinha, to taste regional food

The Ferinha is a commercial street with a good number of gastronomic establishments and stores to buy some delicatessen to taste, such as cheeses, olives, sausages and other regional products. Although Brazilian food abounds in the restaurants (trying the picanha is a must), you can also find a variety of Argentinean dishes.

Tables and chairs for lunch or dinner are outdoors, although there are covered areas. They are not restaurants as such, but rather “food on the go” restaurants. Ideal for tasting local food in the best street style.

4. Hummingbirds garden to see in Iguazú

This place is a paradise for those who love birds in general and hummingbirds in particular. It is actually the private home of a neighbor in Puerto Iguazú, which has a beautiful open-air garden full of sugar water troughs that attract more than 15 different species of hummingbirds.

It is not always possible to find large quantities as their appearance depends on the time of the year. If they are in their reproductive stage, they will be in labor and there will be fewer of them. Pay attention to signage.

But if the time is right, it is to enjoy these beautiful creatures and the garden full of plants and flowers.

Jardim dos beija-flores, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

5. Visit the ruins of San Ignacio Miní

🔘 Check out the rest of the World Heritage Sites we have visited.

About 300 kilometers south of Puerto Iguazú are the ruins of San Ignacio Miní, one of the places where the Jesuits settled to evangelize the Guaraní natives at the end of the 17th century. The group of World Heritage Sites also includes Santa Ana, Nuestra Señora de Loreto and Santa María la Mayor on the Argentinean side and the Ruins of São Miguel das Missões, on the Brazilian side. San Ignacio Miní is the best preserved of the Argentine missions.

The buildings acquire a reddish color thanks to the use of red asperon, a local stone. It was normal in these missions to find a central plaza around which stood a church, a cemetery, the town hall and dwellings.

In the surroundings of the ruins you can visit yerba mate establishments and also Guarani communities, perfect to learn about the culture of this native people and buy their handicrafts to help local commerce.

📷 Check here the Tour to go to San Ignacio Ruins and Wanda Mines and reserve your place.

Ruins of San Ignacio - things to do in Iguazu
Ruins of San Ignacio

6. Wanda Mines

On the way to the ruins of San Ignacio and only 52 km south of Puerto Iguazú, the Wanda Mines are a regular stop. It is a deposit of agates, topaz, quartz crystals and amethysts that were discovered by pure chance by the owners of the land. The visit is guided and besides explaining the history of the place and the work in the mine, they tell you some myths and legends of Misiones.

The tour extends along the edge of an open-pit mine and even enters some caves where you can see how the stones are extracted. Towards the end, you reach the visitor and shopping center where you can buy some of the minerals that are extracted.

Wanda Mines

7. Güirá Oga, an animal care and recovery center to see in Iguazu with kids

Güirá Oga means “bird house” in Guaraní and is a refuge for animals that have been rescued from illegal trafficking or from those who had them as pets and have been injured by poaching or run over on the road. The purpose is to recover their behavior in order to reinsert them in their natural habitat, since many of them do not know how to manage or hunt by themselves, nor defend themselves from other wild animals.

It is a very nice project to do in Iguazu with children, so they become aware of the cruelty to which animals are subjected.

Attention: many people visit the Biocentro Iguazú with the idea of seeing its butterfly garden and its garden of local plants and flowers, where the orchid stands out, but they are surprised to find animals locked up in deplorable conditions. They keep reptiles, such as snakes or caimans, in very small, isolated spaces with little water. Instead, we recommend visiting Güirá Oga where they are cared for until they can rejoin their natural habitat.

📷 Book here the excursion to the Güirá Oga wildlife refuge.

Guira Oga

8. Visiting Guarani villages, such as Yriapu.

If you want to delve into the Guarani culture, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the villages near Puerto Iguazu. You will be able to see how they live today, their traditions, the hunting techniques they use, the crafts they make and even taste a typical dish prepared by them.

📷 Check here tour to visit Yriapu village and reserve your place.

9. Lone Indian Orchidarium

It is not a natural park full of orchids, but a nursery where, if you are a fan of these (or other) flowers, you can get them to take home. Anyway, the owner takes the time to explain anything you want to know about them.

Keep in mind that many types of species cannot be moved from province to province and may be confiscated (and fined) by the gendarmerie. In this store they usually give you an invoice with the proof of purchase and this is an authorization so that you can take them without problems.

It has a nominal entrance fee (which is sometimes waived) that is deducted from the purchase price.

💯 Recommendation: if you like flowers and want to get your hands on some local species, go first to a nursery in your city and ask how much they have them for to have a price to compare with. They say that the prices are cheaper than those usually found in Buenos Aires.

10. La Aripuca, an original site to do in Iguazu.

The visit to the ecological park of La Aripuca is very original and does not take long, but it is worth seeing what it has to offer. As they themselves mention in the signage of the place: “The idea arose from the concern for the irrational use of the missionary forest and the relationship of the farmer with his productive environment”.

The main attraction is a giant-size replica of atrap made of wood from rescued trees, which is symbolic. The other attraction is the yerba mate ice cream they sell, it does not disappoint.

Argentina, Iguacu: La Aripuca

11. Foz do Iguaçu or Ciudad del Este, things to do in Iguazu in the rainy season

And since they are so close to each other, we can venture to get to know these two border cities a bit, can’t we?

In Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, many people often cross the border to shop. It is a “tax free” style city where you can buy many things at very cheap prices and, of course, tax free.

As for Foz do Iguaçu, it has a wide range of hotels and its proximity to the Iguaçu National Park makes it a good starting point to visit the waterfalls, the Itaipu hydroelectric dam and the triple border.

📷 Check here the Excursion to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay and reserve your place.

12. Adventure tourism, things to do in Iguazu besides the waterfalls.

The jungle, river and waterfalls around Puerto Iguazú lend themselves to fun experiences and adventures while enjoying the environment. Zip lines to see the jungle from the air, trekking routes not suitable for those without repellent, hanging bridges for those who do not suffer from vertigo or canyoning (descent over a waterfall by rappelling) to end up soaked.

Attention: some sites offer horseback riding, we recommend activities that do not involve the use of animals. There are hundreds to choose from! For a more respectful adventure 🙂

📷 Check here the Jungle Fly Adventure Tour and reserve your place.

Adventure Travel - Tirolina - Things to do in Iguazú in 4 days
Canyoning, one of the activities to do in Iguazu

Practical information for visiting Iguazú

Considerations on the documentation to be carried

Iguazu Falls is part of a natural border between Brazil and Argentina and very close to there is the triple border with Paraguay, so it is also possible to cross to that country.

If you are a foreigner touring Argentina, you will surely have all the documentation you need to visit the Falls from one side, but we recommend that you check if you need a visa to cross to the other two countries in case you want to do so.

But if you are from Argentina, remember that you have to carry at least your ID card if you want to cross to Brazil and Paraguay. The first time I wanted to go with some friends who had booked a tour and they wouldn’t let me because I had lost my ID card a few weeks before.

So remember to check all documentation before traveling to Iguazu Falls.

The trip to Iguazu was always a must among the destinations I had in mind to visit in my country. I had a chance to make it happen back in 2002 with some friends, but as bad luck would have it, I lost my ID card before traveling and could not go. The DNI was the only document I had to be able to leave the country and see the Falls on the Brazilian side, as stipulated in the tour my friends had booked. Even the hotel was on the Brazilian side. So I went to live in Spain without knowing them.

On my first visit to Argentina, I dedicated 3 days of the two weeks I had to invite my brother Fer to this trip to Cataratas, and it was great. We saw the impressive waterfalls, rented a car to go to the ruins of San Ignacio and did some adventure tourism. But there is always a but: my brother was a minor and could not cross without authorization, so we did the whole visit on the Argentine side.

Buy your travel insurance and travel safe!

🚑 Take a look at these tips for choosing the best travel insurance (updated to 2023 and with juicy discounts) for the type of traveller you are, and they will also help you clear up the most common doubts. Travel safe!

Discounts on your Travel Insurance

How to get around Iguazu and surroundings on your own… and some ideas

It is easy to visit Puerto Iguazú and the waterfalls on your own , since everything in general is very close. And what’s more, there are many ways to do it that can be adapted to your trip. Here we will tell you about the simplest ones

Recommendation: Keep in mind that you can make an infinite number of combinations in your visit if you have little time or a tight itinerary. For example, it is possible to land in Foç do Iguaçu early in the morning, visit the falls on the Brazilian side, then on the Argentine side and sleep in Puerto Iguazu. It’s just a matter of finding out a little more if your trip is more complex.

Regarding visit the Falls from Puerto Iguazu by bus on your own There is a frequent service (depending on the season it can be every 20 minutes) that can be taken from the city’s bus station and stops at different places such as the Hito Tres Fronteras and some hotels along the route. Schedules also vary according to the season, but you will almost certainly find service between 08:00 and 19:00 hs. Ask at your hotel for schedules at the time of your visit.

If you want to cross to see the Falls on the Brazilian side, or also if you want to go to Foz do Iguaçu or Ciudad del Este on your own, there are bus services that connect these 3 places with Puerto Iguazu leaving from the bus terminal.

Likewise, if you have a vehicle, the experience is much more comfortable and you can rent one at the airport or in the city of Puerto Iguazú and the same in Foç de Iguazú.

🚗 Search here for car rentals in Puerto Iguazu.

Another possibility is to rent bicycles to ride at your own pace, or even motorcycles. The latter can be rented for 12 or 24 hours and you can even cross to Foç do Iguaçu.

And then, if you want to let yourself be guided by a guide who will explain everything in your language and not miss any detail, there is nothing more complete than hiring excursions. From Puerto Iguazú there are plenty to choose from, so take a look:

📷 Check here the different excursions available in Iguazu and reserve your place.

Where to stay in Iguazu

The two cities where tourists usually base themselves are Puerto Iguazú, on the Argentine side, and Foz do Iguaçu, on the Brazilian side. Although some decide to live a unique experience staying inside the Iguazú National Park, from where some night excursions can be made.

We have an exclusive article on this topic, but we leave you some options here:

  • Inside the National Park and next to the Iguazu Falls, you have the Gran Melia Iguazu hotel, with swimming pool, restaurants, bars and of course: amazing views.
  • Its equivalent on the Brazilian side is the Hotel Das Cataratas, with exquisite period decor and views.
  • If you are traveling alone or with friends, you have several options of hostels in Puerto Iguazú with lots of atmosphere, swimming pool, shared kitchen, barbecue area and fun excursions. Some options are Hostel Park Iguazú or Hostel Iguazú Falls.
  • If you are traveling as a couple looking for a dream accommodation with all services, you can choose between the Amerian Portal de Iguazu Hotel or the Panoramic Grand.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for something more independent, especially if you are traveling in a group or family, such as fully equipped cabins, we recommend Cabañas el Refugio de Mensu or La Aldea de la Selva Lodge.

If in Puerto Iguazú there is an infinite number of options, in Foz do Iguaçu something similar happens. You can choose hotels near the airport, in the middle of the city or in a more natural environment. The San Juan Eco Hotel, with a garden, swimming pool and children’s playground, is the perfect choice for a family trip. Book now!

🔝 Check out this article on where to stay in Iguazu to see the Falls.

How to get to Iguazú falls

By plane to Puerto Iguazu, on the Argentinean side

One of the best ways to get to Iguazu is by taking a flight to Iguazu Falls International Airport, since the distances from most major cities in Argentina is considerable to do it by land.

✈️ Search here for cheap flights to Puerto Iguazu.

The Iguazu Falls International Airport is only 7 km from the National Park and 20 km from Puerto Iguazu and, to date, there is no public transportation linking the two places, but you have to get a transfer or a cab at the airport. If you want to have your place reserved at your arrival without problems and feel comfortable and safe, we leave you a transfer option.

📷 Check here the transfers from the Airport to the Hotel in Puerto Iguazu and book your place.

By plane to Foz do Iguaçu, on the Brazilian side

Many times you can find very good deals to fly to Foz do Iguazu International Airport, so search this far to see if you can find a better price for your flight.

✈️ Search here for cheap flights to Foç de Iguaçu.

Unlike the transfers on the Argentine side between the airport and the city, there is a public transportation option (line 120) to make this trip on your own. In any case, you can hire a cab upon arrival or a private transfer service for more comfort and safety:

📷 Check here the transfers from Foç de Iguaçu Airport to your hotel and book your place.

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