Things to Do in Calpe With Kids Besides Its Rock

Ready to discover things to do in Calpe with kids? Here we describe all the places to visit in this town on the Costa Blanca, near Altea and Alicante, as well as the incredible climb to the Ifach Rock (Peñon de Ifach).

If there is one thing that stands out in Calpe, it is the Ifach rock at one end of the town. But Calpe has many more attractions to visit such as the salt marsh in the centre of town, Roman sites and a beautiful historic centre.

Let’s discover the things to do in Calpe with kids.

Where to stay in Calpe

The best place to sleep in Calpe is near the rock or the beach of La Fossa and the beach of Arena Bol. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Hotel RH Ifach: just a few metres from the Fossa beach and the rock. It is an all-inclusive with swimming pool and rooms with balcony and views.
  • Melior-1: comfortable one or two-bedroom flats 100 metres from Arenal Bol beach with sea views.
  • RealRent Peñon Beach: flats with swimming pool close to the Peñon, the beach and the harbour.

Need more options? Check these hotels in Calpe.

Map – Things to do in Calpe with kids

Everything there is to do in Calpe can be done in one day. Although, as always, the more days you have, the more relaxed you can get around.

1) Peñón de Ifach, one of the things to do in Calpe with kids

Let’s start with the emblem of Calpe, the 330-metre high Ifach Rock, which can be seen from almost every corner of the town.

In addition to contemplating it from the beach, there is a path that goes to the top of the rock inside the Natural Park of Ifach. But you have to be careful because a section of it goes along a cliffy path that is not for everyone.

At the beginning of the ascent, the first stretch is of low difficulty, even for children. First you cross the old 13th century medieval village of Pobla d’Ifach, of which today only a few ruins remain, and then begin the steep ascent.

Up to the tunnel through the rock the path is easy, but after the tunnel it gets very complicated. You have to wear suitable footwear and it is not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo. This section is also not easy to do with kids.

The reward for reaching the top and the viewpoints along the way is the magnificent views of the Mediterranean and the coast of Calpe.

Things to do in Calpe with kids besides its Rock - views from the rock

– Booking to hike up the “Peñon de Ifach” in Calpe

Due to new regulations, the hiking route to climb the Ifach Rock is limited to 300 visitors per day. For this reason, it is compulsory to book at least one day in advance to climb the Peñón Ifach.

It’s free and only serves to control the number of visitors to the natural park.

When filling in the appointment form, the following considerations must be taken into account:

  • Where it says “Ámbito” choose “Parcs naturals de la Comunitat Valenciana“.
  • Where it says ”Subámbito” choose ”Parc Natural del Penyal d’Ifac”.
  • Where it says ”Servicio”, choose ”Ruta Roja”, the only available option.

In the next section you must fill in your personal details and then click “validar“. Afterwards, the available dates will appear on the screen and you have to choose the option you want.

You must print or save on your mobile phone the appointment voucher in case you are asked for it at the entrance to the park. The reservation is valid for the whole day, regardless of the time of access.

It should be clarified that the booking to climb the Peñón de Ifach is made for a single person and cannot be transferred to another person. Therefore, if several people want to go, the process of filling in the form must be done as many times as people want to climb the Rock.

It is recommended that you bring suitable mountain footwear and clothing, and water. Although you can go part of the way up the Rock with kids without any problems, it is not recommended continuing after the tunnel for children under 18 years old, as the path is more complicated with narrow areas and cliffs. However, the views are fantastic before going through the tunnel.

You can make the climb with dogs, but they must be kept on a lead at all times. Finally, it takes approximately 40 minutes to an hour to walk the whole route and reach the viewpoint, and half an hour to 40 minutes to return.

Peñon de Ifach

2) Prince of Asturias Promenade

Another of the things to do in Calpe is to walk around the Ifach Rock at its bottom, on the so-called “Paseo Ecológico Príncipe de Asturias” (Prince of Asturias Ecological Walk).

The promenade runs along the south side of the rock by the sea. It is fully paved (although not for cars) and is a perfect place to watch the sunset and observe the imposing south wall of the rock from below.

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3) Racó cove, ideal for snorkelling

On the route along the Príncipe de Asturias promenade there is one of the most beautiful coves in Calpe, the Racó cove (“cala” in Spanish). Close to the port, the water is crystal clear, and you can observe the entire seabed without any difficulty. It is an ideal place to go to in Calpe with kids.

Although in summer it is quite crowded, you must take a swim here and bring your snorkel because you can see everything from colourful fish to crabs. It is a rocky cove, so you should wear protection for your feet.

Raco Cove

4) The port and its restaurants, a must-see in Calpe

If there is one place you have to visit in Calpe, it is its port. Although it is small in comparison to other towns on the Costa Blanca, you will find the seafaring and original fishing village feel in this place.

First you can visit the Lonja market, the place where fresh fish from the Mediterranean is auctioned. As this will make you want to eat, then you should go to one of the restaurants in the harbour to taste the local fish and seafood.

The port is also the departure point for the boats that sail along the Costa Blanca, and you can see Altea and other towns and villages from the sea.

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💯 Things to do in Altea in 1 day. This is one of the most beautiful villages on Costa Blanca and you must visit it during your trip around Valencian Community.

Port in Calpe - Things to do in Calpe with kids besides its Rock

5) The salt marsh to visit in Calpe with kids

It is rare to see a salt marsh in the middle of a town, but luckily Calpe’s real estate expansion has respected this space which attracts different species of birds.

From the Ejército de los Españoles Avenue you can already spot herons, ducks and even flamingos. But if you want to go even deeper into them, there is an interpretative path that takes you to a wooden deck or viewpoint. From there, you will be able to observe the birds from a closer distance and even have a panoramic view of the Peñón de Ifach.

Salt Marsh in Calpe - Things to do in Calpe with kids besides its Rock

6) Baños de la Reina archaeological site

Continuing with the things to do in Calpe, on the promenade Playa del Bol you will find the Roman site Baños de la Reina, of which nowadays only the remains and weeds can be seen.

Three sites can be visited and seen within the enclosure:

  • The Roman vicus, which are the ruins in the undergrowth where the 2000 year old palace was located. At one end is the old mill of Morello.
Baños de la Reina Ruins
  • The Banyos de la Reina Mora, which are the pools carved in stone and visible from the promenade of the Bol. These, far from being the places where the “monarchs” bathed, were used for the breeding of live fish. Today, tourists come here to soak in the calm waters of the pools.
  • The thermal complex of La Muntanyeta, which is located in La Puntera and its mound.

7) Calpe’s beaches and seafront promenade

Naturally for a town on the Costa Blanca, the beach is one of the reasons why national and international visitors are attracted to Calpe. Next to the historical centre is the longest beach from where you can have a very nice view of the rock. Well, actually they are two beaches together, Arenal-Bol and Cantal Roig.

The promenade stretches along the beach until it reaches the south side of the rock, surrounded by palm trees and with plenty of restaurants and bars to sit and have a drink overlooking the sea.

Towards the north side of the rock is La Fossa beach and beautiful coves (calas) where you can swim in crystal clear water.

Whether on one side or the other, a swim at the beach is one of the essential activities to do in Calpe with kids.

Calpe Beaches

8) Old town of Calpe

Although Calpe is well known for its beach and the rock, you should not forget to visit the picturesque and small historic centre, which holds many surprises.

The Forat de Mar marks the entrance to the historic centre, a narrow alley that is still preserved with all its charm.

With its narrow, ascending streets, as in most of the towns on the Costa Blanca, as soon as you set foot in the old town you are surprised by the old walls, originally from the 15th century, which are in a very good state of conservation. Built for defensive purposes, one of the watchtowers, the Torreón de la Pieza, stands out.

Strolling around the historic centre, it is well worth going to the narrow street of Puchalt with its colourful Spanish staircase, very Instagrammable.

Finally, don’t miss the Town Hall building and the Church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, whose tower stands out above the walls.

Puchal Street in Calpe, Instagrammable
Things to do in Calpe with kids besides its Rock, historical centre

Useful information to visit Calpe in 1 day or more

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– Getting to Calpe

If you want to get to Calpe by plane, the nearest airports are Alicante (about 75 km away) and Valencia (about 130 km away). You will then need to find your own way to get there, either by train, train and bus combination, hiring a car or hiring a transfer.

If you are travelling by car to Calpe, either your own or a hire car, the best option is to take the AP-7 and then exit 63. There are also secondary routes to travel, such as the N-332.

To get to Calpe from Valencia by public transport, the best way is to take a bus that leaves from the city centre and goes to Denia, and from there, take another bus or the tram in Benidorm direction.

On the other hand, travelling from Alicante to Calpe by public transport is easier, as there are tram and bus services connecting Alicante city centre with Calpe. It should also be noted that the train station is quite far from the centre of Calpe.

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Things to do in Calpe with kids besides its Rock

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