7 Things to Do in Bariloche in Summer

The city has it all for a snow-free vacation or getaway. If you are looking for things to do in Bariloche in summer, we show you the best activities and tours to do.

Bariloche is the main tourist city in Patagonia Argentina, receiving thousands of people throughout the year. In summer, and thanks to its environment of mountains, rivers and lakes, there are endless outdoor activities and tours.

If you are planning to visit Bariloche in summer, either as a couple, with friends or family, we tell you all the attractions you can do in Bariloche in five days or a week, the minimum stay to get to know the basics.

1) Sailing on Nahuel Huapi lake

Excursion to the Arrayanes forest and Victoria Island.

The excursion par excellence to do in Bariloche in summer is the Arrayanes forest and Victoria Island. Located on the Quetrihue peninsula in Villa La Angostura, the beauty of the forest lies in its cinnamon-colored trees that give a special charm to the place.

Victoria Island is the largest island in Lake Nahuel Huapi. Walking the trail that goes from Puerto Anchorena to El Toro beach is to discover native flora and fauna and the landscape of the lake with the mountains in the background. Even in summer you can swim in the shore of the lake.

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Excursion to Huemul Island

The island closest to the coast of Bariloche holds the remains of buildings from what was once a large-scale nuclear fusion research project dreamed up between 1949 and 1952 by Austrian scientist Richter.

It lasted only three years, and since the planned nuclear reactions were not achieved, the laboratories under construction on the island were abandoned, a complete failure. Today it is possible to hike around the island to see the skeletons of the project surrounded by cypress and oak trees.

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Puerto Blest and Los C谩ntaros waterfall

If paradise exists, it is almost certainly in this place. The excursion to Puerto Blest allows you to go into one of the branches of the Nahuel Huapi Lake until you practically reach the border with Chile.

The scenery is dreamlike with trails through the Valdivian forest with larch trees as protagonists that lead you, after ascending some 700 steps, to the waterfall of Los C谩ntaros, a waterfall that runs between the tall trees.

In Puerto Blest, there is a hotel where you can have a drink and relax with the fabulous views that mix the high snow-capped mountains, the turquoise water and the green of the jungle.

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2) Trekking in the hills of Bariloche in summer.

Otto Hill

The closest mountain to downtown Bariloche has summer activities for all tastes. If you are a trekking lover there are several routes to do accompanied by an expert guide.

If you want to contemplate the views from above, then the Revolving Confectionerywhere to have a drink or a snack, or the panoramic deck are ideal for viewing the Nahuel Huapi lake and the mountains in the background, in addition of course of the cable car to reach the 1400 meters above sea level of the mountain and the beautiful La Cumbre funicular.

Campanario Hill

On the way to the Llao Llao hotel through the Chico circuit, the Campanario hill is another attraction to visit in Bariloche in summer. If you go up by means of a chairlift and at the top there is a small cafeteria with trails and viewpoints easily accessible even for children. The prize? Have fantastic lake and mountain views.

Catedral Hill

The most recognized in Bariloche and attracts a large number of local and international tourists in winter for its famous ski center, which includes slopes, restaurants, shopping malls, bars and hotels.

But in the summer there are also many activities to do. It is possible to climb to the top of the hill in and from there to make three different routes of trekking with views of Mount Tronador, Lake Gutierrez or the lenga and coihue forests; eating at the high mountain inns; zip-lining for those over 12 years of age and even rock climbing and rappelling for children from 5 to 11 years of age at 1900 meters above sea level. It is also possible to reach the Frey refuge, at 1700 meters above sea level, by trekking of medium physical difficulty.

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Llao Llao Hill

Of low physical difficulty, the Llao Llao hill is adjacent to the renowned hotel of the same name. It is a trail of less than four kilometers but with an assured prize, the views of the hotel, the lake and the L贸pez, Capilla and Millaqueo hills. A real postcard.

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Tronador Hill

At 4,000 meters above sea level, this extinct volcano is located 80 kilometers from Bariloche, on the border between Argentina and Chile. To get there, take Route 40 heading south, skirt Lake Mascardi and then drive 50 kilometers along gravel roads until you reach the base of the volcano.

The Patagonian landscape of the place is amazing with small waterfalls and the Negro snowdrift, which spills the ice floes of the Tronador mountain over the Manso lake. The detachment of the icebergs can be heard as a small thunder, which gives the mountain its name. It’s amazing!

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3) Sports and outdoor adventure

Like any city where the mountains and fresh water are the protagonists, in Bariloche in summer there are endless activities for the whole family:

  • Zip line at Lopez Hill: the zip lines of Cerro Lopez are fantastic for an adventure with the whole family. It can be practiced by anyone over five years of age. In addition, outside of this activity, it is possible to hike for about eight hours to the refuge of Lopez Hill.
  • Kayaking on Lake Gutierrez: kayaking is a very popular sport in the lakes of Bariloche. The Guti茅rrez is located on Route 40 leaving the city. In addition, nearby there are hiking trails, viewpoints and waterfalls such as Los Duendes.
  • Rafting on the Manso River: the river rises over the lake of the same name and where the Ventisquero Negro is located. It crosses several kilometers forming rapids ideal for rafting in groups and with guides.
  • Diving in Moreno Lake: yes as you read. Diving can be done in the lakes of Bariloche, in this case in Lake Moreno, with very transparent waters. It doesn’t matter if you have no previous experience, the instructors explain and then you dive to enjoy the aquatic bottom to observe trout and other freshwater fish.
  • Stand up rafting on the Limay River: stand up rafting is a modality that is gaining more and more followers among those who practice water sports and the Limay River has all the characteristics to enjoy this adventure on a board.

4) The city center and its artisan chocolate shops.

A visit to Bariloche in summer is a must during your visit to the city center, starting with the Civic Center surrounded by the mythical low stone and wood buildings. From here and crossing the stone gate you reach the pedestrian street Mitre, with its artisan chocolate shops, shops, cafes and restaurants.

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Bordering the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, you will find the beautiful Cathedral Nuestra Se帽ora del Nahuel Huapi. The area between Angel Gallardo, Moreno, Villegas and Libertas streets is the land ofcraft breweries with national and local brands.

We recommend you to visit and have a drink at the RapaNui chocolate shop. It has games for children and a skating rink inside. In addition, everything is exquisite.

Bariloche Civic Center in summertime

5) Small Circuit

It is the essential tour to do in Bariloche in summer or at any time of the year. Leaving from the center of Bariloche to Puerto Pa帽uelo are about 60 kilometers in total where you will be surprised at every moment.

The main stops are the Llao Llao Llao hotel, a five-star Canadian-style hotel, fine and elegant, where you can stay, take a tour of the interior or just have a drink overlooking the mountains.

The Parroquia San Eduardo is located right next door, it is small but its wooden construction and stained glass windows make the visit worthwhile.

Another mandatory stop is after passing the Llao Llao Llao hotel. This is the starting point for a series of treks of low difficulty to do with children. We did the Puente Romano, Lago Escondido and Bah铆a de los Troncos, highly recommended.

Finally, a visit to Colonia Suiza is a must, an old artisan village surrounded by forests and mountains with local handicraft shops. Here you have to try the curanto, a traditional food that consists of cooking meat and vegetables wrapped in cloth on a hot stone. and branches.

鉁忥笍 There are two options for eating curanto in Colonia Suiza, one is the craft market and the other is Victor Goye’s place. The difference is that the price is lower in the handicrafts market, but in V铆ctor Goye they explain how to cook and there is a folkloric show.

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What to visit in Bariloche in summer, Aldea Duende, Hotel Llao Llao Llao

6) Things to do around Bariloche in summertime

Not only the city has great attractions, just a few kilometers away from Bariloche, nature and cities surprise you with their beauty.

Villa La Angostura and Villa Traful

The so-called Circuito Grande covers some 240 kilometers from Bariloche and back. Bordering the Nahuel Huapi lake, you reach Villa La Angostura, a town that has grown a lot during the last years and where you can visit the Arrayanes forest, go to the lake shore, walk along the main avenue or go trekking along the Bayo hill.

Villa Traful is the other obligatory stop on the way, accessible by a gravel road bordering Lake Traful. Here you will find the striking submerged forest, viewpoints and a lot of peace.

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El Bolson

A town of hippies and artisans but also has a special charm with the nature that surrounds it. There are waterfalls, viewpoints over the Azul river with its turquoise water, a carved forest and ascents to the Piltriquitron hill to see the city from above. Don’t miss the artisan fair on the main square to buy a nice souvenir!

A few kilometers away, Lake Puelo is another place to visit. A mirror of water to sit on the shore and contemplate the tranquility of the environment.

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Route of the 7 lakes

Route 40 between the towns of Villa La Angostura and San Mart铆n de los Andes is called the road of 7 lakes, because it crosses seven Patagonian lakes: L谩car, Mach贸nico, Falkner, Villarino, Escondido, Correntoso and Espejo.

It is a fully paved, winding and beautiful road. There are viewpoints over each of the lakes to stop and even organize a picnic. Also in summer you can sleep in the campsites.

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馃敐 Check out this article on how to do the 7 lakes route from Bariloche.

Things to do in Bariloche in summer, Aldea Duende

7) Things to do in Bariloche in summer with children

Children have their place in Bariloche, especially when it comes to nature activities and theme parks. Some of the best places to visit in Bariloche with children are the following:

  • Aldea Duende in Colonia Suiza: an enchanted forest where you will discover the stories of the elves that inhabit the place. It also has a souvenir store for souvenirs.
  • Nahuelito Park: tour through the forest with scale replicas of dinosaurs.
  • Do any of the activities proposed above, such as zip-lining on Lopez Hill, or kayaking on the lake, always considering the minimum age required to do so.
  • And of course, you can take the chairlifts and cable cars that take you to the top of the hills. You will love it!
Things to do in Bariloche in summer, Aldea Duende

Useful tips for visiting Bariloche in summer

– How to get to Bariloche

  • Going to Bariloche by plane: there are daily direct flights to Bariloche from Buenos Aires and C贸rdoba. Also from Mendoza and El Calafate with several weekly frequencies. The city’s airport is 14 km from downtown, you can make this trip by bus line 72, cab or transfer to the city center.
  • Going to Bariloche by bus: Bariloche’s bus station is in the center of the city. There are daily buses from Buenos Aires (one day trip) and different points of the country.
  • Going to Bariloche by car: Bariloche is located on the mythical Route 40, 1500 kilometers from Buenos Aires. Renting a car is ideal for touring around the city and even visiting Villa La Angostura, San Mart铆n de los Andes or El Bols贸n.

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– Where to stay in Bariloche

We made an exclusive article with recommendations on where to stay in Bariloche whether you prefer the city center, the connection with nature, cabins, hotels and more. Not to be missed!

– What to wear in Bariloche in summer

In summer the weather is very pleasant in the afternoon in Bariloche, with temperatures around 20/23 degrees Celsius. However, at night it usually cools down quite a bit with minimum temperatures dropping as low as 6/8 degrees.

For this reason, it is advisable to take light clothing and warm clothes to Bariloche in summer. If you go trekking in the mountains, sunscreen, sunglasses and shoes suitable for walking on rocks are recommended.

Keep in mind that in the mountains the weather has abrupt temperature changes, so it is advisable to take a warm jacket or fleece, which will also be useful if you go out at night to eat or drink something.

And don’t forget your swimsuit! There are days in Bariloche when you can enjoy sunbathing on the shore of the lake and even swim.

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Things to do in Bariloche in summer

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