The Best Things to Do in Asturias in 4 Days

If you are thinking about a trip to the region of Asturias, where there are plenty of fishing villages, mountains, green landscapes and exquisite gastronomy, we have prepared this article about things to do in Asturias in 4 days.

In these places to see in Asturias in 4 days you will travel through dreamlike landscapes where the Cantabrian Sea, the mountains of the Picos de Europa, the green carpet that covers the ground, the grazing animals and the small coastal villages are the protagonists.

We have made this route through Asturias based on what we have known from having visited this autonomous region on more than one occasion. We hope that these recommendations with the essential places will be useful for you to plan your route.

Map – Road trip in Asturias in 4 days

Day 1: Covadonga, Llanes, Bufones de Pr铆a and Ribadesella (total 80 kms). Night in Ribadesella

Day 2: Oviedo (total 80 kms). Night in Oviedo.

Day 3: Gij贸n (total 30 kms). Night in Gij贸n

Day 4: Aviles and Cudillero. Night in Cudillero. (total 60 kms)

Things to do in Asturias in 4 days, Day 1

We start the route through Asturias in 4 days in the mountains. The Picos de Europa National Park is one of the most important in Spain, where the landscape of grey rocks blends with the green grass and where you will come across animals such as cows.

The lakes of Covadonga are the perfect place to contemplate the landscape and take a hiking route around the two small lakes: Ercina and Enol. The contrast between the mountain, the two bodies of water and the greenery is really beautiful. A few kilometres away is the Royal Site of Covadonga, home to the imposing Basilica of Santa Mar铆a la Real de Covadonga and the famous cave with the Virgin of the Santina carved out of the rock.

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馃敐 Check out these recommendations for visit the village and lakes of Covadonga.

Things to do in Asturias in 4 days

The day continues with a visit to the coastal town of Llanes, one of the most beautiful villages to see in Asturias in 4 days. Here you will find a promenade that runs along the sea on cliffs, narrow beaches where the waves lap against the stone quays and its historic centre with buildings of great heritage value.

On the way between Llanes and Ribadesella, make a stop at the bufones de Pr铆a, an area of cliffs facing the sea where the strong swell of the waves hits through the holes in the rock and generates high jets of water. An ideal show to see in Asturias with children.

To round off the first day, Ribadesella is one of the must-visits in Asturias, a seaside town with great attractions such as the hermitage of the Virgen de la Gu铆a with spectacular views of the Bay of Biscay and the Tito Bustillo cave, famous for its cave paintings.

馃摲 Book here the activity of canoeing down the river Sella, pure adrenaline in Asturias. You can also book the excursion to Ribadesella and Lastres from Gijon.

Things to do in Asturias in 4 days

Where to stay in Ribadesella

Our recommendations for hotels in Ribadesella are as follows:

  • Hotel Villa Rosario: old asturian house in front of the beach and with beautiful sea views.
  • Hotel Villadesella: early 19th century Asturian country house on the outskirts of the city, with outdoor swimming pool and gardens.

馃彣 Do you want to look for other options? Find here the best hotels in Ribadesella.

Things to do in Asturias in 4 days, visit Oviedo

The second day will be devoted exclusively to getting to know one of the two most important cities in Asturias, the capital Oviedo. The historic centre is not so big and can be easily explored in half a day. This includes a walk around the Cathedral, the lively squares, parks and old buildings.

馃搶 Something curious that you will find along the way is the large number of statues in the streets of the historic centre of Oviedo, including characters such as Mafalda and Woody Allen.

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A visit to a cider house in Gij贸n is a must for an authentic local gastronomic experience. Both Gasconia street, with its many cider bars, and the El Font谩n market with local products, are two places you can’t miss.

Finally, you must go to Mount Naranco, on the outskirts of the city, to contemplate the beauty hidden in the Church of Santa Mar铆a del Naranco with its views of the city of Oviedo.


Where to stay in Oviedo

Our recommendations for where to stay in Oviedo are as follows:

  • Hotel Clarin: in the heart of the city centre, five minutes walk from the cathedral. A very nice Art Deco style decoration.
  • Silken Monumental Naranco: modern with spacious rooms and comprehensive facilities including indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and sauna.

馃彣 Do you want to look for other options? Find here the best hotels in Oviedo.

Gij贸n and all its splendour

On the third day it is time to visit the beautiful city of Gij贸n, by the sea. If there is one thing that characterises this city, it is the historic neighbourhood of Cimadevilla, an enclave that stands out from the rest of the city and that makes you go back in time. Narrow streets, old buildings such as the Town Hall and lots of atmosphere. At the top of the neighbourhood is a park with the famous Elogio del Horizonte, the city’s landmark monument, overlooking the sea.

馃摲 One of the best ways to get to know Gijon is by booking on the Gijon tourist bus.

A stroll through the modern marina of Gij贸n and a photo with the poster is also not to be missed. If you are looking for relaxation, next to the historic centre you have the long beach of San Lorenzo and the seafront promenade, along with gastronomic establishments where you can try local dishes such as cachopo or fabada.

馃摲 Do you want to see the city from the sea? Book a boat trip in the bay of Gij贸n and be amazed by the views.

馃敐 Check out the recommendations in the article about things to do in Gijon.

Things to do in Asturias in 4 days

Where to stay in Gij贸n

Our recommendations for where to stay in Gij贸n are as follows:

  • Hotel Alcomar: in the heart of the city centre, modern and with views of San Lorenzo beach.
  • Silken Ciudad Gij贸n: gym, sauna and heated swimming pool only 15 minutes walk from the Cimadevilla area.

馃彣 Do you want to look for other options? Find here the best hotels in Gij贸n.

Day 4 of the Asturias Route

On the last day it is time to visit two charming seaside towns: Avil茅s and Cudillero.

Avil茅s is one of those places that maintains its essence from long ago. Immersing yourself in the central streets allows you to contemplate the traditional architecture of the area where balconies and galleries are the protagonists. You should always have your camera ready, because you will be surprised by beautiful fa莽ades such as the Balsera Palace or the Town Hall.

To end the visit to Avil茅s, you must visit the Niemeyer Centre, a work completely different from the rest of the city, with its modernist style that houses an exhibition centre and a viewpoint.

The last destination is Cudillero, a small fishing village where its beauty lies in the colourful old fishermen’s houses and their staggered construction on the hillside and on the seashore.

In the lower part, the Plaza de la Marina is the ideal place to see the town from below and enjoy delicious seafood and fish. To get photographs of the village from above, you have to go to one of the viewpoints in the upper part, where the conjunction between the sea and the terraced houses that descend the slope of the hill give a spectacular image.

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Where to stay in Cudillero

Our recommendations for where to stay in Cudillero are as follows:

  • La Casona de P铆o: in the centre of Cudillero is a large house covered in stone and with antique furniture inside. A real charmer.
  • Casona de La Paca: old rural house on the outskirts of the city. Lots of elegance and large gardens to relax in.

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Things to do in Asturias in 4 days

With these recommendations on things to do in Asturias in 4 days you can now plan your trip to this region that dazzles with its landscapes.

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