The Best Tours in Ushuaia: Mountains, Lakes, Sailing and More

Are you going to visit the city at the End of the World? We show you the best tours in Ushuaia to do in one day: trekking, lakes, mountains, sailing and much more.

Exploring the natural beauties of the surroundings is undoubtedly one of the things you have to do in Ushuaia. The so-called City at the End of the World is surrounded by the high mountains of the Andes with their snow-capped peaks, the Beagle Channel, lakes and breathtaking views.

With these best tours in Ushuaia you will visit the best places that will surely leave an indelible memory. Ready for adventure?

The best tours in Ushuaia

1. Beagle Channel Navigation

One of the main tours to do in Ushuaia is to sail through the famous Beagle Channel, present in stories and legends of the high seas. The navigation through the Beagle Channel is impressive from the moment you start to leave the port of Ushuaia, sighting the Olivia and Cinco Hermanos mountains and getting a panoramic view of the city.

There are several options for sailing in the Beagle Channel, although all of the ones listed below include the famous Les Éclaireurs lighthouse, known as the lighthouse at the End of the World, although it is not.

a) Navigation to Isla de los Pájaros, where you can observe albatrosses and seagulls of different types, and Isla de los Lobos, with a colony of sea lions. The duration is between 2 and a half and 3 hours.[See tour]

b) In addition to what is described in the previous point, we will go to Martillo Island to observe the penguin colony. [See tour]

c) In addition to the tour mentioned above, there is a three-hour visit to the Harberton ranch, with the possibility of having lunch there, and from there we return by land to Ushuaia.

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2. Excursions in Ushuaia, the Tierra del Fuego National Park

One of the places you have to see in Ushuaia is the Tierra del Fuego National Park, where you can appreciate nature in its purest state, walk more than 40 km of trails and find lakes, native flora and fauna and a lot of beauty.

If you like to walk and explore nature, then the ideal is to get to the entrance of the park and start walking. explore the trails better known as Pipo River waterfallsthe coastal path along the Beagle Channel or the Beagle Channel trail Milestone XXIV that reaches almost to the border with Chile, among others.

📷 If you want to tour the park with a guide, you can hire this tour that includes trekking and canoeing. First, you will walk for three hours along the coastal trail, then a picnic lunch with wonderful views and finally a canoe paddle in Lapataia Bay.

Also, in Tierra del Fuego National Park you can go to the End of the World Post Office in Lapataia Bay and send a postcard to anywhere in the world from there or go to the sign at the end of National Route 3 to take a picture.

📌 The general entrance fee to visit Tierra del Fuego National Park is 12.000 pesos ( 10 € – 11 US$). Discounts are available for nationals, residents, minors, students and retirees.

📷 If you do not want to hike the trails, you can hire the bus tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park. As an option, you can hire a ticket for the End of the World Train.

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3. End of the World Train

One of the best excursions in Ushuaia and a symbol of the city. The End of the World Train was built by the prisoners of the Ushuaia Prison and connected this site with the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Its function was to transport prisoners to collect building materials and wood to heat homes in Ushuaia. Today it is a tourist jewel worth visiting, surrounded by a natural landscape of great beauty.

📌 The price of the End of the World Train varies depending on the class contracted, ranging from 40 USD for the economy class fare to 100 USD for the premium class fare. Updated prices and discounts for students, retirees and nationals are available on the website.

4. Trekking to the Emerald Lagoon

One of the most popular tours to do in Ushuaia. Located in the Tierra del Fuego Natural and Landscape Reserve, the Esmeralda Lagoon stands out for its green colors and the snow-capped mountains with the Albino glacier in the background, an impressive landscape.

The trekking is of intermediate level, there is not much slope and can be done at any time of the year, although the landscape changes a lot with or without snow (in winter the lagoon is usually frozen).

The duration of the trekking is four hours in total, two hours to reach the Esmeralda Lagoon from the refuge and two hours to return. On the way you will cross the lenga forest and you may even see foxes, condors and beavers.

📷 If you feel like doing the trekking on a tour, check here the Esmeralda lagoon tour and make a reservation.

5. Martial Hill: glacier and adventure

Mount Martial is easily accessible from Ushuaia, either on foot, by car or by chairlift, due to its proximity to the center of the city.

One of its main attractions is skiing in the ski slope during the winter, although there is activity all year round due to the fact that at the top there are trails for trekking (you can reach the Martial Glacier) and zip-lining.

But whether you do an activity or not, what you will find as a reward at the top is a breathtaking view of the Andes Mountains, Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel.

Tours in Ushuaia

6. Excursions in Ushuaia: Lakes Escondido and Fagnano

One of the tours in Ushuaia to get into nature and get to know closely two of the most impressive lakes at the End of the World.

Although there are viewpoints of both lakes on the side of Route 3 before reaching Ushuaia, it is best to cross the forests, rivers and stone roads in a 4×4 to experience closer contact with nature.

Lake Fagnano is impressive for its size and the mountains that surround it, being one of the largest lakes in Argentina and sharing territory with Chile (although on the other side of the border it is called Cami). Here you can walk through the woods and discover the beaver forests present in the area.

Lake Escondido is tiny next to Lake Fagnano, but it shines no less brightly for this reason. Its calm waters make it ideal for water sports such as canoeing.

📷 Book here the excursion to Fagnano and Escondido lakes in 4X4.

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With these best excursions in Ushuaia you can start planning your trip to the End of the World. Any questions or suggestions? Leave us a comment.

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