The Best Free Tours in Buenos Aires

The best free tours in Buenos Aires to get to know the nooks and crannies of the city for free and with a specialized guide.

La Reina del Plata is one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Buenos Aires dazzles with its emblematic neighborhoods such as La Boca, Recoleta or San Telmo where the bohemian atmosphere is breathed, and the modernity of Puerto Madero next to the Rio de la Plata.

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To get to know these places and their history with a specialized guide, we recommend the best free tours in Buenos Aires.

馃憠 Free Tours are trendy because it is a “cheap” way to get to know a place. It is an introduction to then continue touring on your own or go deeper in a paid tour. Why cheap and not free? Because FREE is actually a word with a double meaning in English. Yes, on the one hand its translation is “free of charge”, but it is also related to “freedom”. That is to say, the tours are at will and the amount you will pay will depend on whether you liked it a lot or a little, and the budget you are traveling with.

1. Free Tours in Buenos Aires, the neighborhood of La Boca

The neighborhood of La Boca breathes soccer and tango. Caminito Street with its colorful facades of tenements and houses, invites you to stop at every moment to take pictures. Its port atmosphere, traditions and passion for soccer at the mythical La Bombonera stadium, will make you enjoy this tour through one of the most bohemian areas of the city.

Free tours in Buenos Aires

2. Free tour of San Telmo neighborhood

San Telmo is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires that seems to be frozen in time. On this tour you will visit old churches, mansions and tenement houses and you will experience first hand all the charm that surrounds this area of the city with tango and street markets as the most palpable symbol.

3. Free Tours in Buenos Aires, the historical center

Another of the places to visit in the city is its historic center, which ranges from the imposing building of the National Congress, through historic sites such as the Tortoni caf茅, the Obelisk to the Plaza de Mayo with its Cathedral and the Casa Rosada. On this tour you will even see a large mural of Eva Per贸n, one of the political emblems of the country. Eva Per贸n one of the political emblems of the country.

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4. Free tour of La Recoleta neighborhood

The most stately neighborhood of Buenos Aires where you will find luxurious buildings such as the Alvear palace or the Anchorena palace and constructions that have given it the name of the South American Paris. In addition, the tour goes through the liveliest squares of the neighborhood with street stalls and many gastronomic places to relax.

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5. Free tours in Buenos Aires through Puerto Madero

Ready to tour the city’s modernity? The old port district of Puerto Madero has been transformed and is today synonymous with luxury, gastronomic establishments and tall buildings in the middle of the docks. In addition, during the excursion you will be able to contemplate the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, one of the great green spaces of the city.

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6. Free Tour of the Recoleta Cemetery

Beyond being a cemetery in the middle of the Recoleta neighborhood and places of leisure, the site inside is a true work of art with pantheons that house the remains of known and illustrious personalities of the country ranging from politicians, scientists, writers, etc.. The place is worth a visit as it has many stories to tell.

7. Free tour of Palermo neighborhood

Theneighborhood of Palermo attracts attention for its liveliness both day and night with bars and restaurants, large green spaces such as the Botanical Garden or the forests of Palermo and buildings such as the Galileo Galilei Planetarium. With this excursion you will go with a guide to enjoy these emblematic sites of a very chic neighborhood.

Free Tours in Buenos Aires

8. Free tour of the Chacarita Cemetery

The other most important cemetery in Buenos Aires is in the neighborhood of Chacarita and is the largest in the city. The remains of great personalities of Argentine history such as Carlos Gardel or Juan Domingo Per贸n are also located here. In this tour you will visit the cemeteries in his honor and the history of the place.

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    Enjoy these best free tours in Buenos Aires that we have selected for you to get to know the city in depth.

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