Getaways From Buenos Aires, the Best Places

Take the opportunity to get out of the big city and experience a contact with nature with these getaways from Buenos Aires.

If you are tired of so much cement, car noise and many people, then these getaways from Buenos Aires will be perfect for a change of air and let nature be the protagonist.

Relaxing in hot springs, small towns with lots of charm, nature in its purest state and much more is what you will find below.

1. Getaways from Buenos Aires: Tigre Delta

A classic getaway from Buenos Aires. The mouth of the Paraná River in the Rio de la Plata forms a large delta with many islets and arms of water, ideal for boat rides, enjoy nature where large trees and lots of green predominate and observe the houses of the locals.

The wonderful Delta in Tigre

In addition, you can visit historical buildings such as the Tigre Art Museum, buy handicrafts or household items at the Puerto de Frutos, have fun with the family at the Parque de la Costa or visit the curious Museo del Mate just a few meters away from the Fluvial Station.

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Martin Garcia Island

Many have felt it named for its historical importance, as it was the scene of battles and once housed a prison where famous Argentine political figures such as Arturo Frondizi and Juan Domingo Perón were imprisioned.

Located at the mouth of the Uruguay River in the Rio de la Plata, it is a place to breathe fresh air, meet on the way with old defensive batteries, the small historical museum and the monument to the Heroes of Argentina and Uruguay. In addition, there are restaurants and campsites for overnight stays. It takes two and a half hours to get there by catamaran from Tigre.

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San Antonio de Areco

A trip from Buenos Aires cannot miss the countryside and the gaucho culture, one of the symbols of the country. The best way to get into the Pampa plains is to visit the small town of San Antonio de Areco, about 110 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

San Antonio de Areco

The city revolves around the main square, the warmth and simplicity of the inhabitants and the silence that reigns in the evenings on hot days. Here you can visit the icon of the city, the Museo Gauchesco Ricardo Güiraldes, the Old Bridge over the Areco River, and of course, spend a day or two in a country ranch with horseback riding and a good asado (barbecue).

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4. Getaways from Buenos Aires to Uruguay: Colonia del Sacramento

Only the Río de la Plata separates Buenos Aires from this beautiful colonial city located in Uruguay. Colonia del Sacramento is reached by ferry from the port of Buenos Aires and is a perfect weekend getaway.

Uruguay - Colonia del Sacramento

The center of the city seems frozen in time with its cobblestone streets and historic buildings such as the Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament or the lighthouse, from where you have beautiful views of the Rio de la Plata and you can even see the city of Buenos Aires. If you visit in summer, you even have time to go to the beaches such as Ferrando.

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5. Lujan and the imposing Cathedral

Only 70 kilometers from Buenos Aires, Luján stands out for its beautiful Basilica, a place of pilgrimage for many Argentines to pray or thank the Virgin of Luján, patron saint of the country. The religious building imposes with its height of more than 100 meters, originally from the seventeenth century and neo-Gothic style.

Lujan 2008

In the city, it is also worth visiting the Enrique Udaondo Provincial Museum Complex, a former town hall where antique objects such as carriages and automobiles are exhibited, and taking a riverside walk along the Luján River that crosses the city.

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6. Adrenaline in Lobos

The city in the province of Buenos Aires is an excellent option for a getaway from Buenos Aires. The activities that can be done are varied, although its best known place is the Lobos Lagoon, a place to rent kayaks, go bird watching or simply enjoy nature.

It is also very famous for being the residence of the Argentine Parachute School Club. If you like adrenaline, you can parachute with an instructor or fly over the city and the lagoon in a small aircraft.

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7. Between the mountains by Tandil

It is one of the places in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires that we love the most. Tandil is already a big city but it will never cease to amaze you for its enclave in the middle of the mountains. Very popular during Holy Week due to the Via Crucis on Mount Calvary, it offers charming places such as the famous Piedra Movediza or the Centinela hill.

Getaways from Buenos Aires

From the gastronomic point of view, you should not miss the delicious sausages offered by many traditional restaurants in the center. Tasting a good salami from Tandil with cheese is unavoidable.

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8. Chascomús and its lagoon

Only 110 kilometers from Buenos Aires on Route 2, Chascomús is a very quiet city where the memory of former President Raul Alfonsín, a native of this town, is still present. The place that attracts visitors is its wide lagoon, which can be approached by car, bicycle or motorcycle.


In the lagoon you can practice nautical sports, there are many camping sites and cabins to spend the night, and children’s and water parks for the whole family, such as Puerto Aventura.

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9. General Belgrano

On its way through the town of General Belgrano, the Salado River flows thermal waters. For a weekend of pure relaxation, pools were built to enjoy warm waters and even a spa for a complete disconnection.

And if you visit Termas del Salado, it is also worth traveling a few kilometers to the San Miguel de Monte lagoon, a haven of tranquility on the shores of the town of the same name.

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10. Getaways from Buenos Aires, visit to Campana

The closest National Park to the City of Buenos Aires is located in Campana and is called Ciervo de los Pantanos, a protected natural reserve where the pampas grassland predominates with tree species such as willow, ceibo and different species of birds. Here you can walk along the marked trails and enjoy the viewpoints.

Once in the city of Campana, it is advisable to take a walk along the Paraná River waterfront and visit the Automobile Museum with antique vehicles in perfect condition.

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Enjoy these getaways from Buenos Aires in one weekend. The only thing left to do is to pack your bags and enjoy nature.

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