Walking Tours in Valencia, 5 Best Free Guided Visits

Here are the best free walking tours in Valencia to discover the history, hidden gems and alternative places with a specialized English-speaking guide.

If you’re visiting Valencia, one of the things you have to do is take a tour of the city… and if it’s free, all the better! Strolling through the historic centre, the Turia Gardens or the City of Arts and Sciences are just some of the things to do in one of Spain’s most important destinations on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Below, we have selected the best free tours in Valencia so that you make sure you don’t miss out on anything during your visit. Let’s discover them!

👉 Free Tours are trendy because it is a “cheap” way to get to know a place. It is an introduction to then continue touring on your own or go deeper in a paid tour. Why cheap and not free? Because FREE is actually a word with a double meaning in English. Yes, on the one hand its translation is “free of charge”, but it is also related to “freedom”. That is to say, tours are at will and the amount you will pay will depend on whether you liked it a lot or a little, and the budget you are traveling with. It is recommended to leave a minimum of 5 € per person attending.

1) Walking Tour in Valencia Old Town

The historic centre of Valencia stands out for the beauty of its emblematic old buildings. With this walking tour you will visit the main attractions of Valencia such as the Virgin Square (“Plaza de la Virgen”), the place where the offerings are made during the Fallas of Valencia (festival that takes place during the first part of March each year), the Palace of the Generalitat, the Cathedral, the central market of Valencia and the old building of the Silk Exchange, which is a World Heritage Site.

2) Free Walking Tour of Modernist Valencia

Also starting from Virgin’s Square (“Plaza de la Virgen”), this walking tour will take you to less emblematic places in the historic centre of the city, but which still stand out for their modernist architecture. This is how you will tour the facades of beautiful buildings such as the Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas, the San Juan del Hospital church, the Valencia Nord train station and the Casa del Punt de Ganxo with its striking balconies, and you will learn about its history.

3) Walking Tour of Valencia Street Art

A totally different free tour, where you will contemplate the urban art reflected on the walls and streets of the El Carmen neighbourhood. A tour through one of the oldest areas of the city, dating back to the 12th century, where the presence of artists has given colour to the walls with murals, graffiti and even protest posters. Very picturesque no doubt!

Walking Tours in Valencia, best free guided visits

4) Free Tour Through the Turia River and the City of Arts and Sciences

The starting point is the Palau de la Música, the beautiful concert hall in the old Turia riverbed, and ends at the City of Arts and Sciences. Along the route, you will learn about the history of the emblematic places you will see in an original and fun way, as well as the transformation of this great boulevard since the great flood of Valencia, where the river Turia overflowed its banks and caused serious damage.

5) Free Tour All about Valencia by Bike

An original way of getting around Valencia is by bike, which you can bring with you from your home or accommodation or, if not, you can rent one at the meeting point. The idea is to travel back in time from the Middle Ages to the present day, from the Old Town of Valencia to the futuristic complex of the City of Arts and Sciences, learning about its history, traditions and gastronomy.

6) Other Free Walking Tours in Valencia to do

Valencia has many incredible hidden spots to visit and many stories to tell, that’s why we recommend you to take a look at the Free Walking Tours in Valencia offered by the guys from Guruwalk and live a local and close experience.

And if you want to move a little bit outside Valencia and get to know the surroundings, don’t miss the following article:

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Walking Tours in Valencia, best free guided visits

With these best free walking tours of Valencia that we have selected for you, you will enjoy the city like a local. Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite.

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