The Best Free Tours in Bilbao

We tell you about the best free tours in Bilbao so that you can enjoy the main city of the Basque Country and get to know its history, main attractions and corners.

There are many things to do in Bilbao and it is, for us, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, with a lot of history and one of the best museums in the country, the Guggenheim. Located on both banks of the river Nervión, it is also famous for its gastronomy based on the exquisite pintxos that you must try.

With these free tours of Bilbao, you will not only see the main attractions, but you will also have the opportunity to visit lesser-known places and discover stories and legends that are still alive today.

👉 Free Tours are trendy because it is a “cheap” way to get to know a place. It is an introduction to then continue touring on your own or go deeper in a paid tour. Why cheap and not free? Because FREE is actually a word with a double meaning in English. Yes, on the one hand its translation is “free of charge”, but it is also related to “freedom”. That is to say, tours are at will and the amount you will pay will depend on whether you liked it a lot or a little, and the budget you are traveling with. It is recommended to leave a minimum of 5 € per person attending.

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1. Free tour of the most famous places

With this free tour in Bilbao you will visit the most famous places in the historic centre of the city. Starting at the Arriaga theatre and passing through the area of the seven streets, the cathedral of Santiago and the Ribeira market, on the banks of the Nervión estuary. The tour lasts two hours.

2. Free tour of modern Bilbao to contemplate its architecture

With this free tour of Bilbao you will get to know the architectural style of the main buildings in the city. You will walk through the Concordia station, the palace of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Antzokia theatre, to finish at the main attraction to see in Bilbao, the Guggenheim museum. The tour lasts two and a half hours.

3. Free tour of mysteries and legends

A free tour different from the classic one, where you will learn stories of characters of the city, legends that have been passed down from generation to generation and mysterious murders that have been left unfinished. All legends are told in the main settings where the story goes that the events took place. The tour lasts two and a half hours.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

4. Free tours in Bilbao: an alternative route

With a specialised guide you will discover corners of La Vieja neighbourhood that only a local can know. You’ll stroll through this alternative, multicoloured, multi-ethnic neighbourhood, with art centres and galleries, you’ll contemplate urban art through graffiti and you’ll be surprised by the lively nightlife of the city’s most alternative neighbourhood. The tour lasts two hours.

5. Amazing free tour

This free tour of Bilbao takes you off the beaten tourist track to discover the city’s architecture, the bridges over the river and even the modern San Mamés stadium. The tour includes the Zubizuri Bridge, the Isozaki Towers, Doña Casilda Park, the Maritime Museum and much more.

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With the best free tours in Bilbao that we have just shown you, you are sure to be a connoisseur of the city.

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