The Best Travel Insurance to Switzerland 2023 With Discount

When you are preparing a trip to the beautiful city of Zurich, want to enjoy the medieval streets of Lucerne or enjoy the Alps, you can’t miss on your list of preparations to hire a travel assistance for travel to Switzerland that will protect you against any unforeseen eventuality.

In this post we present a complete and up-to-date guide to choosing the best travel insurance to SWITZERLAND. We take a look at which are the most important companies available and what their coverages are along with their terms and conditions. In addition, we analyse the prices and comparisons between different insurers.

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Do I need health insurance to travel to Switzerland?

Although travel insurance is not compulsory as a tourist, it is highly advisable to take out one to ensure that you and your companions are insured against any unforeseen eventuality that may arise during your stay in Switzerland.

Switzerland has a health care system that is divided into public and private. This is accessible to the inhabitants of the country and is compulsory. Although it is of high quality, it is extremely expensive if one has to pay for it privately.

To give you a reference, a medical consultation without health insurance costs around 150 euros, one radiography has a value close to 80 euros, an emergency tooth extraction is between 500 and 800 euros. In the case of a hospitalisation, you have to pay at least 300 to 2500 euros depending on the complexity and per day.

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Is it safe to travel to Switzerland?

Generally speaking, Switzerland is a very safe country for tourists, although you are not exempt from the unexpected. If you go in winter temperatures drop considerably, so it is a common illness among visitors, a cold or flu. In summer, on the other hand, there is much to be enjoyed in the open air, at this time of the year. sunstroke and mosquitoes make it necessary to have medical assistance.

When it comes to food, always remember to shop in hygienic places, to ensure that food is well cooked and to wash your hands frequently. Water is safe to drink throughout the country, although we recommend drinking bottled water to avoid traveller’s gastritis, a common ailment caused by changing water.

Travel insurance will give you the peace of mind and security you need to enjoy a worry-free trip to Switzerland. In the event that you have to use it, you are already recouping your insurance investment with just one medical consultation.

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what is the best travel insurance to switzerland?

Do I need health insurance to travel to Switzerland if I have a European Health Insurance Card?

Although Switzerland is part of the Schengen area and the European Union, the EU health card that European residents have is not sufficient coverage for a full trip to this country. It is advisable to take out specific travel insurance for Switzerland for several reasons:

  • High medical costs: The health care system in Switzerland is of high quality, but it is also expensive. As we saw above, it can be very costly, even a simple basic query. In principle, the European Health Insurance Card only covers 50% of the cost and the rest is at the individual’s own expense.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Travel insurance provides more comprehensive coverage than the EU health card. It includes medical assistance in case of illness or accident, hospitalisation expenses, medical repatriation and other essential services.
  • Private care: Many hospitals and clinics in Switzerland are private and do not accept the EU health card. Travel insurance will allow you to access this private care if necessary.
  • Fulfilling entry requirements: Although it is not compulsory to enter Switzerland as a tourist, some visas and travel insurance may be required by transport companies or immigration authorities.

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Tips on choosing the best travel insurance for Switzerland

When looking for health insurance for travel to Switzerland, it is important to bear in mind some key points regarding the terms and conditions at the time of purchase. We highlight some details of the policy that it is advisable to check carefully to avoid paying extra or not being attended to properly:

  • Comprehensive medical assistance: Make sure your policy includes comprehensive medical coverage, from emergency care to medical examinations, hospitalisation, treatment and surgery. If possible, choose insurance that also covers vehicle accidents or medical transfers, especially if you’re planning to drive on the country’s roads.
  • Sums insured: Always check that the insured amounts in your policy, especially for medical expenses, are in excess of €500,000 to cover any high costs of hospital or clinic visits.
  • Check for deductibles or co-payments: Some insurances, especially the cheaper ones, may have deductibles or co-payments, which means that they only cover a percentage of the total cost of medical expenses and you have to pay the rest out of pocket. This is a strategy to reduce the value of the policy, but in the event of an accident or the need to use it, the cost is much higher and must be paid at the time.
  • Repatriation expenses: In the event that it is necessary to return to your country of residence due to medical problems, whether it is a sudden illness or an accident that does not allow you to return home under normal circumstances, the insurance takes care of your transfer at no additional cost.
  • Include sports accidents: Especially if you plan to go skiing or adventure tourism, it is essential to have a policy that includes this type of accident.

As an extra point, although it is not a medical issue, we recommend that you take out insurance cover for lost or stolen luggage and even flight delays.

These include compensation in case your luggage does not arrive at its destination or if for some reason you lose your personal documentation. On the other hand, flight delays and rescheduling are very common, and airlines are often slow to provide assistance. By having a policy that includes these types of contingencies, they respond much more quickly.

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How much does travel insurance to Switzerland cost?

Travel insurance for Switzerland with the conditions we suggest can vary in price depending on a number of factors, such as the age of the travellers, the length of stay, the type of cover, whether dental or accident cover is included.

As a reference, the prices of insurance for travelling to Switzerland range from 55 to 65 euros if you are a resident of UK. It should be noted that these values are only estimates and prices will vary, depending on the specific details of your trip and those travelling with you.

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What is the best travel insurance for Switzerland to choose from?

Most of the major travel insurers provide cover in Switzerland. Below we select some of the insurance companies available for this destination with their prices and conditions.

It is important to clarify that the average prices are based on a two-week trip from UK to Switzerland and calculated per person.

HeyMondo travel insurance to Switzerland

HeyMondo is an insurer that has several alternatives when it comes to assessing policies. All of them include (with different amounts) medical assistance, repatriation expenses, baggage problems and adventure activities. One point to note is that they include contingencies with technological equipment and advice on claims for flight problems.

  • Heymondo Top: Costing € 56 per person for UK, it provides medical cover for €5,000,000, includes luggage and basic sports insurance.
  • Heymondo Premium: Provides medical assistance cover for an amount of €10,000,000 in exchange for a policy fee of € 61 for residents of UK.

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Chapka, the travel insurance for Switzerland

Chapka offers two types of travel insurance: Basic and Plus. The terms and conditions of these include cover for medical assistance, repatriation expenses and any baggage inconvenience.

  • Cap Assistance: This policy includes medical assistance up to a maximum amount of € 300,000. The price per person is € 63.

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Is there any other health insurance for travelling to Switzerland?

There is a lot of international travel assistance, each country or region has its own companies. Some of the best known are Axa or Allianz, and even credit cards offer assistance among their services.

If you choose travel insurance for Switzerland on your credit card, we recommend that you check with your bank, as in recent years new requirements have been introduced to activate them. The requirements depend on the bank, depending on the type of account you have, e.g. paying the entire fare with the same card or limited by the category, e.g. gold or black.

Always remember to check the terms and conditions of the assistance you are offered, because sometimes these coverages do not reach the minimum amounts recommended for an insurance and it is necessary to pay a difference to access a better coverage.

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