Best Travel Insurance for the United States (2023)

Planning a getaway or vacation to North America? We tell you how to choose the best travel insurance for the United States in 2023 with tips and price.

Who has never dreamed of visiting New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the beaches of Miami or even the mythical route 66? The United States mixes the modernity of its cities with turquoise water beaches and incredible landscapes such as the Grand Canyon of Colorado.

In addition, it is a mecca for the film industry worldwide represented by Hollywood and for children it has the imposing Disney Park in Orlando. In short, it lacks nothing to provide total fun and entertainment for adults and youngsters.

When budgeting to visit the country, one of the items to take into account is travel insurance. Below we tell you why it is necessary and recommend who to hire it from.

Is medical insurance required to travel to the United States?

It should be clarified that it is not mandatory for tourists to take out travel insurance for the United States, but it is mandatory for students, but we would say that it is essential to have it. In this country, health coverage is totally private, which means that there is no free, universal, public health care, not even for U.S. citizens.

Any medical expenses, whether for a small consultation or fracture, or something more complex such as an operation or repatriation, will have to be paid out of the tourist’s pocket and the hospital where you will be treated will issue the invoice in your name for the expenses incurred.

The important thing to know is that any medical expenses in the United States are very expensive. A simple consultation costs as little as USD 200, while emergency care requires a minimum of USD 1,000.

If we talk about more complex cases, a fracture can have a price of USD 25,000 and any operation does not go below USD 60,000. To this must be added the days of hospitalization (minimum of USD 6,000 per day).

travel insurance for the united states

Tips on how to choose the best travel insurance for the United States

For all of the above reasons and in order not to lose several months’ salary in the event of an unforeseen event in the United States, it is advisable to take out travel insurance. We recommend that you observe the following points before purchasing:

  • Travel insurance sums insured: the sums insured for medical expenses should be high due to the cost of hospital or clinic care. We recommend a minimum of €500,000 so that you can travel with peace of mind and be covered for any unforeseen event, including an operation.
  • No excess: many travel insurances are cheaper because they include an excess, i.e. the amount you have to pay regardless of the medical expenses incurred. For example, if the travel insurance covers € 500,000 but has an excess of € 300 and you have a medical expense of € 500, the insurance will only cover you for € 200 and the other € 300 you will have to pay out of pocket.
  • Repatriation coverage: in general, all travel insurances cover repatriation, but it is important to be aware of this.
  • Covid-19 coverage: most travel insurance policies now include medical transportation, medical assistance, hospitalization, quarantine and repatriation in case you contract coronavirus.

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How much does a travel insurance for the United States cost?

While you may think that health insurance for travel to the United States is expensive, prices are low for the insured amounts covered and in comparison to the expenses you have to face if you have any unforeseen event, you do not have insurance and you must pay out of your pocket.

Taking into account an appropriate sum insured, the price of a travel insurance for the United States per person and for a two-week stay has a base price of € 45. As you can read, it does not require such a high expenditure in the travel budget calculation.

travel insurance for the united states

Best travel insurance for the United States

The companies that offer travel insurance for the United States are very wide-ranging. We recommend some of the following companies with the corresponding coverage and price (prices are based on a two-week trip from Spain/Argentina/Mexico or Colombia to the United States and calculated per person):

  • HeyMondo top: coverage of € 3,500,000 for medical assistance, repatriation, covid-19 coverage, € 1,700 for damage or theft of luggage. Price € 65. You can hire it from here.
  • HeyMondo Premium: coverage of € 10,000,000 for medical assistance, repatriation, covid-19 coverage, € 2,500 for damage or theft of luggage. Price € 83. Offer! 15% discount on HeyMondo insurance if you book between June 22nd and July 2nd, regardless of the date of your trip. Take advantage!You can hire it from here.
  • Asegura tu viaje: actually, it is an insurance comparator widely used in Latin America, offering different prices and coverages. You can compare and choose the one that suits you best from here.
  • Cap Assitance 24/7: 1,000,000 medical assistance coverage, repatriation, covid-19 coverage, €3,000 for baggage damage or theft. Price € 137. You can hire it from here. It also offers travel insurance to the United States for students.

In summary, if we compare the prices of travel insurance for the United States, the company Mondo with its HeyMondo top plan has the best price in the market with a coverage according to any unforeseen event that may arise in the United States.

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