Route Through the Best Towns Near Alicante

We will make a route through the best towns near Alicante with more charm, to enjoy nature, castles and many outdoor activities.

The province of Alicante has authentic jewels that are within the tourist Costa Blanca as in the mountain villages.

The Costa Blanca is one of the most popular tourist destinations for both Spaniards and foreigners, especially during the summer to enjoy its beaches. While Benidorm is one of the cities that attracts more visitors, we must not forget the nearby villages on the shores of the Mediterranean that are worth visiting for their beauty.

In addition, the interior of the province keeps hidden places between the mountains and the Sierra de Aitana, many of which are little known and worth a visit.

Map of the route through the best towns near Alicante

In this route through the best towns near Alicante we show you these corners. Let’s get started!

1. Villajoyosa, a colorful village

The first stop on the route by car through the best towns near Alicante is the town of Villajoyosa or La Vila. The main attraction to see in Villajoyosa are the beautiful fishermen’s houses that stand out with their colorful facades visible even from the sea. Over the Amadorio River, you can also see the hanging houses that add to the charm of the historic center.

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Another place to visit in Villajoyosa is one of the many chocolate factories. The best known is that of Chocolates Valor, a brand deeply rooted among Spaniards. During the tour they explain the machinery used and the manufacturing process. If you go with children they will love it!

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Finally, don’t forget the beaches. The largest is the one in the center, which is located right next to the port. If you want less crowded places you can go to Playa del Torres with its mythical tower of Hercules, Playa de los Estudiantes or Cala del Moro.

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2. Altea, a must of the best towns 30 minutes from Alicante

Undoubtedly, Altea is one of the most charming towns in Alicante. The terraced houses with their white facades on a hill next to the sea, make it a postcard place.

One of the places to see in Altea is the church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, in the upper part of the historic center, which stands out for its blue domes, which is why it gave its name to the city of the dome of the Mediterranean. The tour through the narrow upward streets of the center, with lots of stores and restaurants, and the viewpoints from the top towards the sea are other points to visit.

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There are beaches for all tastes in Altea, from the pebble beaches in the center to small coves and cliffs on the outskirts. As a curious place to visit in Altea is the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel, built in wood and with lots of gold and marble inside.

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route through the best towns near Alicante

3. Polop de la Marina and its beauty

Following the route by car through the best towns near Alicante, we drive a few kilometers away from the coast to find a village surrounded by mountains. For us a must-see, Polop de la Marina stands out for being a small town with its center on a hill and wonderful views of the surroundings.

Among the places to see in Polop de la Marina, the Castle is one of the main attractions. Built as a defensive fortress by the Muslims in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, from here you can contemplate the view of the village with the mountains in the background.

If you walk through the narrow streets of the center there is a lot to see. The Chorros fountain is one of the most salient points, which emanates water directly from the mountain. The church of San Pedro stands out among the low houses. Finally, the Gabriel Miró Houseawaits you, a place that shows the life of the poet from Alicante who spent long stays in this town.

route through the best towns near Alicante

4. Guadalest, a village surrounded by mountain ranges 30 minutes from Alicante

Located between mountain ranges, Guadalalest is another mandatory stop if you are making a route through the most beautiful villages of Alicante. It is a very small town that can be covered in an hour or even less. To reach the historic area where the castle of Guadalest is located, you have to climb some stairs and go through a tunnel excavated in the rock.

The castle is from the Muslim period and although it is a little deteriorated as a result of small tremors, being at the top of the village allows very nice views of the mountains and the reservoir.

Among the attractions to see in Guadalest are also the church of the Assumption, the Town Hall, built on an old prison of the twelfth century and some museums such as Casa Orduña which has a sample of antique furniture and period objects. If you like adventure in nature, you can make a route through the Guadalest reservoir.

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5. The natural pools of Fuentes de Algar

Although it is not a village per se, it is worth including it in the route by car through the villages of Alicante. Las Fuentes del Algar are located in Callosa de Ensarriá, a few kilometers from Benidorm.

They are a set of natural pools formed by the fall of water from waterfalls on the Algar River. The slope of the land has produced these streams of water that run along the rocks and form pools where you can bathe. It should be considered that the water temperature is quite cold, even in summer.

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The place is very well prepared for tourism, with a cafeteria and wooden stairs that communicate each one of the places. There is an entrance fee to park the car and to access the waterfalls.

route through the best towns near Alicante

6. Most beautiful villages in Alicante, the touristic Denia

One of the cities that receives more national and international tourists on the Costa Blanca is Denia. With its 15 kilometers of beach that mixes small pebble coves and wide sandy areas for sunbathing, its population increases considerably in the summer.

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The main place to see in Denia is the fortress, built in the 11th century by the Arabs and located on a hill in the center of town. Although it does not maintain all its structure, most of the towers and the wall are still standing. From the top of the fortress there is a nice view of the sea. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum that operates inside.

Another place to visit in Denia is a historic center that still maintains its medieval air. During the tour you will be able to contemplate the church of the Assumption and enjoy a meal in the local restaurants. Do not forget that Denia was listed as a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.

To contemplate the city’s past, you should go to the Baix la Mar fishing district, which is located just below the castle. Home to fishermen and with its narrow streets, it is one of the most pictures areas of Denia.

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7. Calpe and its imposing rock

If there is something that can not miss on a car route through the towns of Alicante is to go to the city of Calpe. As soon as you arrive you will be surprised by its special geography on the coast, where the great rock of Ifach stands out.

The Peñón de Ifach is more than 300 meters high and you can climb to the top by a hiking route that at first is of low difficulty level, but then becomes a path with a precipice to reach the top. The prize? Stunning views of the sea and the town of Calpe from above.

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But Calpe is not only its rock. Also worth a visit is the old town with its 15th century walls, museums and churches. If you like walking by the sea, Calpe has a nice promenade that even goes around the rock. The salt flats located in the center of the city are a perfect place to spot different types of birds in this small ecosystem.

Finally, you cannot leave Calpe without visiting the port. Above the place there is a fish market where you can see the process of auctioning the fresh fish that comes down from the boats. If this makes you really hungry, then you have to sit down in the nearby restaurants to eat some seafood or fish dishes and get rid of the craving.

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8. Teulada-Moraira, two counties in one

In truth they are two different towns but governed by the same town hall, Teulada in the inland area and Moraira on the coast. Both towns have a lot of history behind them, ranging from the Romans, the Arabs to Sant Vicent Ferrer.

Teulada has one of the most beautiful historical centers of the towns of Alicante. Among its ancient buildings are the Font Santa hermitage and the church of Santa Catalina, also used for a time as a shelter in case of pirate attacks. The white facades of the houses and the cobblestone streets are a distinctive feature of Teulada.

Moraira, by the sea, still has its fishing tradition reflected in the port and its gastronomy. From the small castle located on the seashore and built to prevent pirate attacks, you can see the coastal area. Moraira is an ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving on the Costa Blanca.

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9. Biar, the castle and hiking trails

Already moving away a little from the Costa Blanca on the route through the villages of Alicante we headed to the beautiful village of Biar. Located on the Mariola mountain range, it is an ideal place for hiking routes in the area.

The main attraction of Biar is its castle, which stands on top of a hill 750 meters high and which is climbed through the narrow streets of the town center. Built in the 12th century by the Arabs, it is very well preserved with the wall and the tower Maestra. The views from the castle allow you to contemplate the village from above and the mountains.

Another of the outstanding places of Biar is the Sanctuary, of neoclassical style and with fresco paintings. If you have time, you can reach the Ogival Aqueduct, originally from the late fifteenth century and from where you can see another perspective of the castle of Biar and the village below.

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10. Route through the most beautiful villages of Alicante: nature and Arab vestiges in Sax.

Very close to Biar is the neighboring town of Sax, distinguishable from afar by the Moorish castle that stands on a hill 500 meters high. To access it you have to do it through the metal ladder that climbs up the edges of the rock. In the castle you can see the old cistern and the keep. Guided tours are available but you should check the times when the castle is open to the public.

But not everything in Sax is the castle, there is also place to make tours through nature. You can visit the forests of El Plano, where you will be surprised by the large number of pine trees. Another attraction for those who want to go hiking is the peak of La Moneda in the Cabrera mountain range.

Another place to see in Sax is the hermitage of San Blas, at the foot of the castle. It is a meeting point for the locals, especially during the first week of February, when the festivities in honor of the saint take place.

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  • Hotel Adsubiain Denia. A few meters from the castle and the restaurant and bar area, it is excellent value for money.

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