The Best Tours From Seville

The best tours from Seville to visit historical monuments, charming Andalusian villages and national parks.

If your mission was to visit Seville and you’ve already seen it all, then it’s time to explore the surrounding area and be amazed by the beauty and hidden corners of Andalusia.

With these tours from Seville you will get to know the rich cultural heritage of the area, surprising villages and you will even cross the border to visit an overseas territory. Let’s find out!

1. Tours from Seville: visit to La Alhambra

If you are not yet familiar with one of Spain’s treasures and one of the most visited monuments in the country, then this is the opportunity to visit the Alhambra in Granada. You will visit the monumental complex on the top of a hill, which expresses all the Nasrid architecture. With a specialised guide you will visit the most important sites such as the Nasrid Palaces, the Palace of Charles V and the beautiful Generalife Gardens with its water fountains. Not to be missed!

Best tours from Seville

2. Excursion to Italica

Unknown to many tourists visiting Seville for the first time, the archaeological complex of Italica is located 10 kilometres away in the present-day town of Santinponce. It was an important Roman settlement and the birthplace of the Emperor Trajan. During the visit you will see the theatre and the mosaics, both of which are very well preserved. You will also relive the gladiatorial fight in the amphitheatre.

3. Tours from Seville: a stroll through the white villages

A visit to the outskirts of Seville should include a stroll through the so-called white villages of Andalusia, whose charm, the whitewashed facades of the houses and the natural surroundings make them very picturesque. This excursion takes in the castle of Las Aguzaderas, the beautiful streets of Zahara de la Sierra and ends in Ronda with its bridges and the cliffs that surround the village.

Best Tours from Seville

4. Tour to the Doñana Park

This protected natural park occupies a large area on the shores of the Mediterranean between Huelva and Cadiz. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has an ecosystem that is used by birds during their migration. With more than 300 species of birds, from the viewpoints you will be able to observe species such as storks. The route is completed with the Guadalquivir marshes, the imposing dunes and small palaces hidden within the park.

5. Excursion to Gibraltar

From Seville you can visit UK territory without travelling too many kilometres. Gibraltar is a small overseas territory of the United Kingdom, known for its famous rock that occupies almost the entire surface of the sea. You will walk along the viewpoints where you can see the coast of Africa, the underground caves of San Miguel and you will meet the moños del peñón, animals found in their natural habitat.

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Tours from Seville

With these best tours from Seville you will get to know the attractions that Andalusia has to offer around the city.

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