Andorra With Kids, 10 Plans for the Whole Family

If you are planning to travel to Andorra with kids, this country offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family, from hiking and outdoor sports to educational and cultural activities.

Andorra is an ideal destination for families looking for a holiday full of adventure and fun, combining nature trails for children, ski resorts for the winter and theme parks for the summer days. But they can also be combined with a bit of environmental awareness and learning about the culture and history of the country.

We will divide the most popular activities to do with kids, which include:

  • Free, usually involves hiking.
  • Fee-paying, which are theme parks or specific spaces.

Map – Andorra with kids

1) Search for the Tamarros, a gymkhana in Andorra with kids (all parishes)

If you are travel to Andorra with children, and even more so if they are very young, finding the Tamarros is one of the main activities for the whole family. It consists of a kind of “treasure hunt” in nature.

Each Tamarro, a magical being represented in a large wooden statue, is assigned the task of looking after a province or parish in the country. It is a spectacular idea for children and families who are not used to walking on mountain trails, as it motivates them, and an incentive to get to know each region, its valleys and its natural beauty. On the other hand, it helps us to be aware, as a family, of the environmental impact we all make when we travel.

The Tamarros are located in natural parks and is an activity that encourages creativity, curiosity, problem-solving skills and teamwork, as well as learning about the nature, history and culture of Andorra.

🔝 See this link for more information and a map to find out where the Tamarros are in Andorra.

Andorra with kids, the best family plans include looking for the Tamarros

2) Trekking in the Incles Valley in Andorra (Canillo)

The Incles Valley is a beautiful mountain area in Andorra, surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views and a good variety of hiking trails. Hiking is one of the most popular activities in the valley and offers routes of different levels of difficulty.

We took the Incles river trail, which is an easy and pleasant 1-hour walk along the river from the car park next to the road to the interpretation centre. Then we returned with the electric train. There are also more challenging trails, such as the Juclar River trail that climbs up to the lake of the same name, which offers spectacular views from the top of the mountain.

Hiking in the Incles Valley is an excellent way to enjoy the natural beauty of Andorra with children. It is advisable to be prepared to walk with suitable clothing and footwear, to carry water and food, and to be aware of the weather conditions to avoid any inconvenience.

💯 The Incles river path is ideal to do with children, as it is well signposted and has a gentle slope. It is also important to teach children basic hiking safety rules, such as being aware of changes in terrain and weather, and following trail signs.

Trekking in the Incles Valley in Andorra, to do with the family

3) Do one or all of the Macarulla Paths.

These are magical trails to do in some of the parishes of Andorra. All the decorative and play elements that the children encounter along the way have the added bonus of having been created by local craftsmen using environmentally friendly materials and harmoniously integrated into the landscape.

The booklets with the indications and activities can be obtained at any of the Tourist Offices. At the end of each route you can download a diploma certifying you as a “macarulla”.

From what I’ve seen, to get the most out of these books, children need to be at least fluent in reading and writing, so I recommend it for ages 8-9+.

a) Elves or Menairons Forest Trail (La Massana)

The Forest of the Menairons is a magical path of about 4 km located near the historic village of Pal and the idea is to help these little creatures in the development of their tasks.

Macarulla footpath books, provided by the Andorra Tourist Office

b) Witch Quela’s Potion Trail (Escaldes-Engordany)

The Witch Quela’s Potion Route is a fun activity to do in Andorra with kids. The route is a 3 km long path on the way to the Engolaster lake and in the middle of another beautiful circuit that can also be done on foot called the Fountain Circuit.

The Witch Quela route will help you learn about the history of the witches who lived in the forests of Andorra, as well as the medicinal benefits of some of the plants native to the area.

The Witch Quela's potion is one of the trails to do in Andorra with kids and family.
Witch Quela's Path, ideal to do in Andorra with Children

c) Where are the mushrooms? (Canillo)

This tour starts near the Tamarro Nilo and the Roc del Quer viewpoint. The idea is, through games, to learn more about the mushrooms that live in the area, whether they can be eaten or not, their shape, how they grow, etc.

d) Traces and Tracks (Encamp)

This is a magical trail where you learn all about the forest and how to identify and follow the “tracks and traces” of 7 of the most typical animals of the region. It offers advice and recommendations for enjoying hiking and nature in a respectful and safe way.

4) The Iron Route (Ordino)

The Iron Route is a perfect tourist route to do in Andorra with kids, which connects the old iron mines of Llorts and Ordino, although you can also go as far as La Massana. This route allows visitors to complete the history of mining in Andorra through artistic expressions located along the way.

One of the points of interest of this open-air route are the “Jordino Family” sculptures, a group of 7 statues made of rock and bronze. As you walk through them, you can recognise the different countries they come from: Russia, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Monaco and France. Legend has it that, for Christmas, seven people from different parts of the world meet in Andorra… although the reason for this is left to the imagination.

The other tourist attraction on the route is the “Hombres de Hierro” (Iron Men), a sculpture representing the hard work of the miners.

The Iron Route itself lasts about an hour, in the middle of nature, and is not circular. So if you have left your car in front of the Iron Mine, you can drive up to a certain point and come back.

The Jordino family are one of the monuments to visit on the Iron Route, a trail to do in Andorra with kids.

5) Llorts Iron Mine (Ordino) (€)

In the old iron mine of Llorts you can learn about the history of mining in Andorra and how iron was extracted when it was active. You can also see the galleries and mine installations, including the machinery and tools used at the time.

As it happened to us, you won’t always find it open. The opening hours are limited and it is not open all year round. It is best to check the official website.

📌 General admission: 5 euros.

The Llorts iron mine

6) Electricity Museum MW FEDA (Encamp) (€)

The FEDA Electricity Museum in Andorra is an educational and fun place to learn about the history of electricity in the country and its importance in everyday life. It helps visitors understand how electricity is produced and distributed and its impact on society.

Popular exhibits at the museum include a chronological history of electricity in Andorra since 1909, an educational experiment room for visitors to conduct experiments and an engine room showing the generators of the hydroelectric power station.

It is an ideal place to visit with the family, as the exhibits are interactive and easy to understand for children and adults.

📌 General admission: 5 euros.

7) Naturland (Sant Julia de Loria) (€€)

Naturland (ex-Naturlandia) has a wide range of attractions for all ages and seasons. Attractions include the Tobotronc, a thrilling wooden toboggan run that slides visitors more than 5 km through the forest. In addition, the Airtrekk and the Airtrekkids, a circuit with hanging walkways, ropes and a zip line at height.

In summer, the park offers outdoor activities such as tubbing, sklide, trampolines, xtreme-jump, archery, adventure course, squirrel course and a maze. On the other hand, in winter, in Naturland you can go skiing and snowboarding on its slopes, as well as snowmobile rides, moonbikes, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing, among other outdoor activities. Undoubtedly, the perfect place to enjoy Andorra with children.

📌 Fares start at 30 euros, depending on the type of pass you buy. Check here.


8) Mon(t) Magic Family Parc Grandvalira (€€)

Mont Magic Family Parc Grandvalira is an adventure park offering a wide variety of outdoor activities for the whole family. The park has a number of attractions such as zip lines, suspension bridges, hiking trails, climbing, and a variety of circuits of different levels of difficulty. It also has a children’s playground with games and attractions for the little ones.

The park is located in the heart of the Grandvalira mountains, allowing you to enjoy beautiful panoramic views and nature. It is an ideal place to enjoy a day full of adventure and fun in Andorra with kids.

📌 Fares start at 26 euros, depending on the type of pass purchased. Check here.

9) Vallnord Bike Park (La Massana) (€€)

Vallnord Bike Park is one of the main destinations for mountain biking in Andorra and is considered one of the best in the world. The park has a wide variety of MTB trails, around 40, from beginner to advanced. Downhill and enduro are available, some with jumps and obstacles, and others with gentler slopes for those looking for a more relaxed experience. And, of course, there is a Kids Bike Park for the little ones to get started on two wheels.

The park is actually a ski resort, so it has a lot of facilities for visitors, such as bike workshops, bike rental, and a bike shop. They also offer classes and workshops for those wishing to improve their trail skills.

Obtained from the Vallnord Bike Park website (Media section).

10) Likids, spa in Caldea to enjoy Andorra with kids (€€)

The Caldea thermal centre in Andorra la Vella has a spa specially designed for children from 3 to 8 years old called Likids. So it is the perfect place for a relaxing family day out. The spa has a wide range of facilities and services designed specifically for children, including pools with water games, Jacuzzis, saunas and whirlpool baths.

It also has a play and activity area, where the little ones can have fun while the adults enjoy the spa services.

📷 Buy here your ticket to relax at Caldea and Likids.

Likids, spa at Caldea, to relax with the family in Andorra la Vella

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Andorra with kids, the best plans for families

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